Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alinsky rules - how we can use them against Obama.

Barbara Kurtis was nice enough to read Alinsky rules for radical and came back to explain them to the conservatives. This is a very good development, since it's about time conservatives understood who we are dealing with, and turned the tables...

In all fairness, since I was born, raised and educated in the former USSR, these methods are hardly news to me. There is one big advantage that I and people like me (as well as a huge majority of Americans) have over Alinsky - namely, we know that socialism/statism does not work. Alinsky's methods may help people like Obama to get elected - but they start working against liberals the moment the Messiah is inaugurated.

This reminds me of the later days of socialism in the USSR – any person who trusted the government was treated as a complete imbecile, or a KGB agent. Any local problem – a long line at the DMV for example was directly attributed to the malice of the rulers of the communist party, a career failure was a sure result of the deliberate actions of the KGB. There was absolutely nothing that the government could do to persuade the people, nothing whatsoever. If the government criticized a movie, hundreds of thousands would rush to the movie theatre to watch it. And today, Obama is steadily moving into this territory. And it’s no accident, since as I said, Alinsky rules work mercilessly against the statists once they get in power.

So, lets examine this rules one by one.

Rule #1 “Never go outside the experience of your people.”

Obama and his team have no executive experience, and they do not understand how economy works. Right now they are completely responsible for everything that happens in the US economy – and everything they can do would make it worse.

Rule #2 “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules”.

By default, liberal elites are hypocritical. They want good food, big cars, nice houses. And this is where they will get creamed. Anytime you talk with an “environmental activist”, tell him that you are ready to make as much sacrifice as president Obama. As long as you drive a car like him, live in a house like him, set your thermostat as him, travel with as much luxury as him – you are doing what you are supposed to for the environment. Obama sets an example – all questions and complaints should be directed to him - and no one else. Make the liberal elite live according to their ideas. I've written a few articles that could be used as rough examples of such propaganda. See here, here and here.

And here is one rule that I invented:

Rule #3 Since liberals control all branches of government, each and every failure of the government must be linked directly to president Obama and liberals.

Every inconvenience in your life must be linked to Obama and the liberals. We must set a pattern, an automatic response. Here are a few articles from me that illustrate this point - here and here.
Here is the conclusion from my last article:

“Conservatives should start putting ads in the airports, which link liberal PC policies (lack of profiling) and pathetic work of federalized airport security with the long wait times, horrible travel and abysmal security.”

And don't forget linking traffic jams and enviromental policies. Do you think it would be effective to buy ad spaces near the highways, which are known for traffic jams and put signs that say: "Stuck in the traffic? Don't forget to thank Sierra Club".

Rule #4 “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
Obama is probably the easiest target for ridicule in the whole history of universe. He is a combustive combination of arrogance, narcissism, horrible advisers and ignorance. Moreover, the media adores him and that drives him completely insane. He can no longer function in the real world, which is very sparsely populated by people who feel tingles down their legs when he speaks. And last, but not least, Obama does not possess a sense of humor - which is a mortal sin for any human being, and is simply unforgiving for a narcissist.

Here are a few articles I wrote that made fun of him – we should use mockery more and more, and it will be easier and easier, since every joke will push him further and further. Two articles that could be used for this - here and here.
Rule #5 “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
Today, Obama is the target – he is the face of liberalism. And this target is frozen, personalized and polarized by the simple fact that he is the PRESIDENT. And what is best - even liberals stopped adoring him. I cannot imagine how hard this fall from grace is hurting the Annointed One.

Conservatives should use this to their advantage. Obama is one man, and he is being attacked by tens of thousands of bloggers and activists, millions of tea-party attendees. You may remember Obama’s attempts to personalize his opponents – it was Rush Limbaugh, then it was Fox News, the Insurance Companies, Tea Party Movement – but it all amounted to absolutely nothing since these were small, mobile and diverse targets. Poor Obama was trying to knock down the shadows  - which is impossible. And as long as conservatives don’t have a leader – he will be forced to fight the shadows. And these shadows can knock him down, as we have seen in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

And lastly – about the fart-attack that Alinsky organized in the theatre. I am puzzled that conservatives did not attempt something like this during Obama’s speech to the students. Why not allow our children to have some fun at school? Say, draw an upper lip mustache for Obama’s portrait (it’s art, art is supposed to be provocative) or bring a funny tee-shirt? If 10 out of 40 do it – they cannot punish the kids. Moreover, rebellion is fun, and it is popular. See my article written months ago.

All in all, the next 3 years will be fun...


kmbr said...

This is so excellent.

I have good friends who came to the USA from Poland after Poland was freed from the Soviet grip. Over Christmas, they were telling us some similar stories.

One was how they used to have blanket drives for the poor cold and starving Americans. They said they knew the truth but there they were poor as poor could be living in the Soviet nightmare and giving blankets to supposedly ship to Americans.

I told them they need to educate more people. They lived it, they know the truth. When they go, the truth will go with them.

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