Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reading an article written by a castrated conservative

It is often speculated that majority of conservatives lose principles and intelligence once they move to Washington, DC. I believe Dave Brooks is an (in)famous example confirming this rule. Recently, Dave wrote a series of articles lamenting the rise of the populist movement against government corruption which is popularily known as the tea-party.

A few days ago I've read the most recent Dave's article repeating his accusations against the tea-party, and, among other things, I was touched how he called himself and his comrades-in-whining - the "educated class". Presumably, the ill-educated Americans envy Dave and his groupies for their education and intelligence, which explains their negativity towards the ideas that Dave was able to give birth to in the last few decades.

It is fair to note though, that no one in the tea-party movement ever used this term to describe them, so it is my educated guess that poor Dave felt slighted at the indifference of the world, which forced him to praise himself and his ilk. Of course, the most flattering term which is normally reserved for the likes of Dave is "second-hand dealer of ideas", clearly a far cry from the "educated class".

Anyway, I would be curious to know how Davie defines "education". Isn't it in the eyes of the beholder? Who is he to decide that a degree in feminism is worthy more than a degree in engineering, or that a professional mathematician is less educated than a specialist in African-American studies slash Chicano-Chicana studies?

It is quite amazing that a man who can hardly solve a simplest mathematical equation, and who has a BS degree in history, suddenly claims that all his opponents hate him because of his high level of education and intelligence. This is remarkably close to an explanation that a 12 year old girl would give to her unpopularity among other girls - "These sluts hate me because I am smart, beautiful and witty". What is not remarkable is how close most liberals and castrated conservatives came to resemble adolescent girls....

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