Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama, you beautiful bastard!

As you may remember, yesterday Scott Brown destroyed poor, unfortunate Martia (or Marcia) Coakley in the Massachusetts senatorial elections. And I must proudly say that I was watching the entire process on CNN. Normally, I watch Fox News - since most of the mainstream media is so populated with idiots and imbeciles that it is unbearable. But yesterday I made an exception to the rule - and for a damn good reason. I wanted to see the faces of the CNN journalists when they were announcing the defeat of the liberal party. And boy, did those poor chaps look sad.

Today, while driving to work I switched my radio to the Air America channel. I was dying to know what they had to say. Again, the libs did not disappoint - the talk show host said that Obama lost the election because he was not left-wing enough. Somehow, that was supposed to help him with independents and moderates - who, I presume out of their frustration with Obama's "right-wing" policies turned to republicans. Aren't these guys a treasure of wisdom?

All in all, president Obama is acting as a perfect uniter of this country. The entire population seems to be disgusted with liberal policies and liberal corruption.

To be fair – Obama was in a tough spot to begin with – bad economy, bankrupt banks, social security, medicare, medicaid, government pensions, unionized companies – everything bad and getting worse. Any president would have a hard time – but Obama - he was able to mix the most insane left-wing policies with complete arrogance, inability to run things, hubris, hubris, hubris, arrogance, inability to communicate with people, obvious corruption, hubris, hubris and arrogance.

I predicted in November 2008 on my blog that Obama would be a great president for America (he would drive America back to conservatism), but even I am surprised at how quickly and efficiently he did this. It's as if he was custom built in the laboratories run by Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

Obama, you are my most favourite American president! I am so happy American people elected you, and not that old f*rt RINO, McCain.

Anyway, the next thing I expect from our illustrious president is to go absolutely nuts in public. Rage, baby, rage. It’s all Bush’s fault!


Anonymous said...

as i've stated on other sites i think he should be enshrined on mt RUSHmore, only inverted for the obvious reason, he saved the country although inadvertently. for you libtards trolling this post, inverted means upside down.

Anonymous said...

as results quickly came in i immediately switched over to and watched on msnbc that i never watch because i knew keith olberfuhrer would be in a mad rage after brown who he kept insulting had won. and the loony leftist sports-and political ex-spurt was in rare form. and none other than hungarian lefty who still cant speak english properly ariana in a huff she was on claiming people voted for the republican because obama was becoming to friendly and partisan with the repubs and the people were enraged. and all the left agreed. brown the republican was elected because liberals were mad obama was talking to them. makes a lot of sense!