Saturday, October 31, 2009

A challenge to liberals...

Dear liberals,

Do you believe it's "socially just" that Obama's kids got government distributed H1Na vaccines from their personal doctor, while the hardworking parents had to stand hours in long lines under rain to have their children vaccinated - and many were sent home because there were not enough vaccines?

Do you think that if Obama's kids were put in exact same conditions as the kids from less afluent families, then he would have paid more attention to the production of the vaccine and the nation would not face the severe shortages?

More on the H1N1 vaccines or back to the USSR

My wife just called - she stood in line for 3 hours under rain with a baby on her hands and yet our 1.5 year old son could not get a H1N1 vaccine because the doctors ran out of doses. It all resembled the good old Soviet times - unruly crowds, people cutting in the front on the line, and at the end of the day - there is not enough for everyone.

But fear not, comrades, you would be happy to know that Obama's kids got the swine flu vaccine - without any lines or delays, reported a few days ago by the venerable NYT. Moreover, in the comment section it is claimed that DC has an abundance of the vaccines - which is a tad strange, given that Obama administration produced 1 vaccine per 15 Americans. On the second thought, I am not surprised that the “people’s servant” gets the flu vaccine before his masters, “we the people” get it. After all, do you really want the people who implement government policies to feel the results of the failure of those policies? Come on! Be realistic. The government is here to help you, so it makes sense when the government agents get all the goods. Back to the USSR - long lines for the plebs, the nation's political capital gets everything faster than anyone else, and the government officials (same ones who were responsible to make sure there are enough vaccines for everyone) jump in front of the line.

Anyway, I am happy that Obama’s kids are safe now. Once all the legacy cats in the federal government get enough - it will be time for the taxpayers. So, don’t worry, be happy, things will get better when the leeches feel their stomachs.

My neighbor today said something profound - American people are being vaccinated for the Obama-care through standing in long lines under rain with their children on their hands for the H1N1 vaccine. Get used to it, comrades. It's USSR time.

This is damn funny...

I was reading an article from the Washington (com)Post about Breibart, a man who single-handidly put ACORN on the radar of American people and forced mainstream media to release some of the damaging information on Obama's alma mater. The author quotes a paid operative for the Soros-funded group "Media Matters", who critisizes Breitbart by saying that "Capturing a raw video isn't journalism; journalism includes some content. A real journalist would have contacted ACORN..."

In reality, this is a weird response, since the entire report on the ACORN machinations was an accurate depiction of the ACORN response to a series of questions. Two aspiring journalists contacted numerous ACORN offices and asked them for assistance in setting up whore houses, importing underage girls for prostitution and the ways to shield their profits from taxation. ACORN was only too kind to oblige - and Breitbart showed to the world the ACORN response. What exactly is the critisism here?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The swine flu vaccine - update

Sometimes I read liberals newspapers - just for the giggles. Today, my eyes were drawn to an article by the New York Times about the flu vaccines.
The article is quite unremarkable, the author is glad to inform the readers that president Obama is dealing very effectively with the flu epidemic. It says that Obama left little to chance, namely:
1. He created a website with public information;
2. He produced a series of public announcements which as the NYT says "featured fuzzy Sesame Street characters Elmo and Rosita singing in English and Spanish";
3. Obama even "staged role-playing exercises for public health officials". There were uncomfirmed reports that Barack Obama took an active part in the role-playing and came to the exercise dressed as a fireman, while Michele Obama was a Dominatrix;
4. And lets not forget the highly memorable and efficient appeal by Obama to the people of Earth to wash their hands and wipe their asses;
5. Lastly, Obama met with a lot of people and told his team to work hard.

In short, Obama was nothing short of brilliant in his struggle against the swine flu. There was one tiny little problem - maybe the word "problem" is a bit too strong, I guess we should say a "hic-up" - and I am not sure is even worth mentioning. Namely, not enough vaccines were made. Obama's administration promised in July to deliver 120 million doses of vaccine by the end of October. In reality, 23.2 million doses were made available to the masses. That's about 1 vaccine per 15 Americans - and Obama handily beat the record previously held by the Soviet Army, when in autumn of 1941 it was providing about one rifle per four soldiers on the frontlines with the Nazi wermacht.

I don't know about you, but I would say that this situation is typical - Obama wages a brilliant campaign filled with slogans and speeches, nice websites are run by well-trained people, and the president himself makes heart-felt appeals to the masses - but at the end of the day, well, people are left standing in the rain waiting for the actual cure. And some of them blame Obama for this?! The ungrateful bitches!

At some point, Obama will blew the casket at the annoying prols who whine about the so-called issues, and he will most likely sound like John Cleese from Fawlty Towers.
Scroll to the end of the video around 28th minute to see John Cleese, who finally had it and gives all he has to the guests of his hotel.

In fact, I believe John Cleese perfectly encapsulates the reply that Obama administration is already giving to the plebs - from complaint that troublemakers with nothing better to do are sticking noses into his affairs to the conclusion that his critics are nazis. I am really curious at what point he will tell the American people to pack their things and leave HIS country - and it won't be a moment too soon. It's the Obama country now, and we are simply renting our living quarters from him. If we misbehave, Obama will kick us out - as he should...

Friday, October 9, 2009

This is really funny...

Ezra Klein wrote: "Obama also awarded Nobel prize in chemistry. 'He's just got great chemistry,' says Nobel Committee

An excellent smack down...

Debating the Obama's Yasser Arafat Peace prize:

Maybe they wanted to show, say, Iran, that Obama has the backing of the international community, and it will strengthen Obama's hand in diplomacy with Iran.

Yup, because Iran is all about issues that have 'the backing of the international community'. It's like in their DNA.

Obama's peace prize makes sense....

As we all know, because of Obama's clumsy actions, Israel, the staunchest US ally now solidly believes that the US president hates her and is supporting the anti-american islamo-fascists. I guess this was enough for the Nobel peace committee to celebrate Obama's achievements.

Surely, if Obama nukes Israel, he will get all Nobel prizes in one sitting, and IOC will declare him the winner of all Olympic events now and forever. Of course, Obama is now in competition with Iran and Al Qaeda, so he better act fast.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A tale in quotes and comments...

As a classic tragedy, it starts very optimistically, when the main character is happy and naive, and the world looks very promising...

“In 2016, I’ll be wrapping up my second term as president,” Obama told a rally in Chicago in June 2008. “So I can’t think of a better way than to be marching into Washington Park … as president of the United States and announcing to the world: Let the Games begin!”…

Even later, when the destiny was starting to suck the main character into its dark and smelly place, his top advisor and executioner (officially the Chief of Important Stuff and tax-evading Staff) Rahm Emanuel played down the expectations of the public: “They [right-wing mobsters and evil-mongers] shouldn’t try to make politics of this. I think they [right-wing mobsters and evil-mongers] should take some pride in the U.S.’s win, and you know, we’ll make sure they [right-wing mobsters and evil-mongers] get some good seats once Chicago does host the games.” I am not sure about you, but Emma's promise to provide good seats to the right-wing mobsters and evil-mongers does not sound too reassuring. But alas, Emma did not get a chance to fullfil his promise (threat)....

Now, the introduction is over, and the stage is ready for the main character to enter and change the world forever. President Obama makes an eloquent speech to the IOC committee, a humble speech of a humble man - a speech containing sentences with four Is:
I’ve come here today to urge you to choose Chicago for the same reasons I chose Chicago nearly twenty-five years ago – the reasons I fell in love with the city I still call home.”

Michele Obama, not to be over-shied by her modest husband, had this to say:

"But I never dreamed that the Olympic flame might one day light up lives in my neighborhood. But today, I can dream, and I am dreaming of an Olympic and Paralympic Games in Chicago that will light up lives in neighborhoods all across America and all across the world."

This surely was enough to silence all the nay-sayers in the IOC. After all, can Rio fulfill Michele's dream, let alone Tokyo? No freaking way! Case closed, right?

But the First Lady in Chief did not stop there. She also reminded the world of how much personal sacrifice she had to go through for the Olympic movement: "Some of my ... memories are sitting on my dad's lap, cheering on Olga and Nadia, Carl Lewis and others for their brilliance and perfection." If one remembers that Michele was 20 years old when Carl Lewis participated in the Olympics, it's clear that the First Lady was tearfully reciting the tale of abuse and humiliation by her late father. I presume the IOC could also imagine how many 20 year old girls would be forced to sit on their Daddy's laps through the entire Olympic Games if Chicago wins the bid - and that surely made them think twice about their choice. After all, some of those Chicago Daddie could be quite accomodating and may well share those nice girls, if you know what I mean.

If this heartbreaking testimony were not enough, Michele noted to her supporters: "As much of a sacrifice as people say this is for me or Oprah or the president to come for these few days, so many of you in this room have been working for years to bring this bid home."

And indeed, it was a sacrifice. Not only the president, the first lady, and their 100 top advisors had to fly to Copenhagen, a place where all those rednecks clinging to guns and religion live in - a much worse thing happened there - a disgruntled American general leading the US military efforts in Afghanistan was able to sneak through the Obama security service into the Airforce One and bore his Excelency with tales of war and suffering in the far away lands of Afghanistan for a whole of 30 25 minutes. As if president Obama does not have any more burning issues than the war in Afghanistan! What a douchebag! Notice though that this failure of security would not have occurred had Mr.President stayed in the White House, and the general would continue to converse with Obama via the pigeon mail and whine about the failure of the Afgan war Overseas Contingency Operation during the talk shows on Oprah.

After all this hard work and unbearable sacrifice - the thunder struck - (think about the steps of the Commodore from the Pushkin's tragedy) - the IOC committee decided that Chicago, a place where Obama grew up from a smallish community organizer to the Top Olympic Games Salesman, and where Michele sat on the lap of her father, was not a suitable avenue for the Olympic games.

When the IOC announced its decision, the NYT was puzzled tothe point it actually wrote something honest: “A sense of stunned bewilderment suffused Air Force One and the White House.”

Senator Burris immediately confirmed what every liberal knew - that Chicago lost the bid “…due to the animosity against the US created by the policies of the last eight years.”

HoosierHawk though is willing to give the president some slack: "I don’t think that you can blame the President for the decision of the Olympic Commitee. My understanding is that the IOC actually visited Chicago. That’s pretty difficult to overcome."

A response from the extreme right was quite predictable - let me quote Hogarth whose response was quite typical for the right-wing mobsters and evil-mongers: "For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of the Olympic Committee." For some reason this sounds like a quote, but my memory is failing me, and I cannot identify who is being mocked by this right-wing mobster and evil-monger... Wait, don't tell me...

Another writer, Mark Buehner dryly observes: "I’m just really glad to see this new era of humility and diplomacy is paying such startling dividends."

I believe Alex Bensky summarizes the views of many with his astute comment: "Personally, I’m at a loss to understand this. The president went there, gave a talk illustrating why it would be a recognition of his charisma and specialness to grant Chicago the games. He even brought his wife who also talked about how special she is and how she would personally find it gratifying if they gave Chicago the games. And yet…the IOC immediately voted otherwise. I can’t figure it out."

Honestly, I am too quite puzzled by this result. Aren't you too?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Is there a resemblance between Obama and Gorbachev?

An interesting article was published about Obama here. The author says that Obama is an American version of Gorbachev. I disagree with this view. Gorbachev took a sclerotic communist system and tried to fine tune its apparatus by giving a little bit of freedom and democracy. As to be expected, communism could not withstand this and the USSR went down in flames.

Obama on the other side took control of a relatively free country, and is trying to drastically decrease its freedom and democracy, while claiming it would make it a better place. In all reality, Obama is a mix of Jimmy Carter, FDR and Peron. Another person to keep in mind is Egypt's dictator Nasser. All in all, Obama intends to make things worse in this country for all freedom loving progressive people, and most surely he will achieve it - and he will hurt whole more folks in the process.

The only positive thing is that he has only 4 years - after that the people will send him a pink slip, and we can start rebuilding America.