Saturday, October 31, 2009

More on the H1N1 vaccines or back to the USSR

My wife just called - she stood in line for 3 hours under rain with a baby on her hands and yet our 1.5 year old son could not get a H1N1 vaccine because the doctors ran out of doses. It all resembled the good old Soviet times - unruly crowds, people cutting in the front on the line, and at the end of the day - there is not enough for everyone.

But fear not, comrades, you would be happy to know that Obama's kids got the swine flu vaccine - without any lines or delays, reported a few days ago by the venerable NYT. Moreover, in the comment section it is claimed that DC has an abundance of the vaccines - which is a tad strange, given that Obama administration produced 1 vaccine per 15 Americans. On the second thought, I am not surprised that the “people’s servant” gets the flu vaccine before his masters, “we the people” get it. After all, do you really want the people who implement government policies to feel the results of the failure of those policies? Come on! Be realistic. The government is here to help you, so it makes sense when the government agents get all the goods. Back to the USSR - long lines for the plebs, the nation's political capital gets everything faster than anyone else, and the government officials (same ones who were responsible to make sure there are enough vaccines for everyone) jump in front of the line.

Anyway, I am happy that Obama’s kids are safe now. Once all the legacy cats in the federal government get enough - it will be time for the taxpayers. So, don’t worry, be happy, things will get better when the leeches feel their stomachs.

My neighbor today said something profound - American people are being vaccinated for the Obama-care through standing in long lines under rain with their children on their hands for the H1N1 vaccine. Get used to it, comrades. It's USSR time.

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Anonymous said...

Trying to get anyone to believe that we can become like the USSR is nearly impossible if they have not seen communism close up. I have. And by God, it is the saddest thing to look into another Human being's eyes and see the emptiness.

There was a soldier named Eddie Jeffers who wrote a great essay on why we fight the tyrants. It America who give that hope, it is America who gives the taste of freedom and once tasted, is hard to let go of...How did we get so far from such principles?