Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dems, media on Sarah Palin....

Obama became the genius of the DNC after he read a speech in 2004. I am curious why the dems decided he knew everything there was to know about the world back then, but for some reason they think that Sarah Palin, a woman with decent executive career knows nothing about the world?

When Barack was moving through the corrupt Chicago machine, foreign policy was irrelevant. When he was a community disorganizer, his main issue was how to get more connections and not get caught. When he was a US senator, well, he spent all the time campaigning. So, all in all, Obama has no advantage on the foreign policy over Palin, let alone McCain. And yet, the myth of Palin’s inexperience lives on. How smart is it?

Most feminists believe that Hillary was mistreated by the media and the DNC. If Sarah is faced with a barrage of questions that Obama was not (and Obama is still an unknown quality through out the campaign) - then many of those feminists will very likely stay home on the election day. After all, do you really expect them to vote for the abusive liberals?

A secondary effect may be an utter loss of credibility of the media among the feminists. As you may remember, the feminists are still pissed off at the media for their “sexist” attack on Hillary Clinton, so their eyes are not closed yet on how media promotes its own agenda. I sincerely hope that this election will be the straw that breaks the media’s back, and it won’t be a second too late.

As one dem said, we are all in this together...

We are all in this together, shared sacrifice and shared reward. I am sure you've heard these banalities coming from the liberals many times. Here is a quick question to you. My wife and I work long, long hours. While my job is more theoretical and research oriented, she has to support much more time-sensitive process technology development. She is on call every other week, and some times she is paged at night. And yes, we are in the top 5% of earners, which means we have to pay a lot in taxes.

People in the bottom 20% work at most half the time we work, if even that. Their income mostly comes from the government handouts, their living, medical care, housing is subsidized by the government. They contribute next to nothing to our common social spending - roads, schools, police, military.

And yet, it is us, my wife and I who are called evil and exploiting, while the bottom-feeders are considered righteous victims of oppression. I keep hearing about common sacrifice, common rewards, that we all in this together. Could someone explain to me - just exactly when are the people in the bottom going to start sharing not only my rewards, but also my sacrifice? When will they start putting in at least 50 hours of work every week?

Oh, never mind, I was just kidding. Silly me. It will never happen.

Liberal Media Bias? You won't say....

Recently, the media has started pushing the meme that Sarah Palin is a bad mother, since she is not staying at home taking care of her children. Well, color me unimpressed. Do you remember the Clinton family? It was claimed that both of them, papa Clinton and mama Clinton were running the American government. As Hillary once said - she will not be baking cookies. Or, as Clinton also said - get two for the price of one. So, while both parents were busy, who exactly was raising their daughter? Was it Monica Lewinski? Alas, I never heard this question asked before. No one claimed that Clintons are bad parents because they chose a political career instead of taking care of their precious little daughter. So, why is Palin treated differently? Does it mean that media is sexist, or that it is liberal and it would do anything to help the unfortunate Mr.Obama?

Should Obama give more details than McCain on his economic plans?

Well, as you know, liberals are complaining that McCain's speech is less informative on his plans to reform the economy than Obama's. It's not fair! Well, think about it...

As the Russian saying goes - "You have to build socialism. It's sufficient to allow capitalism". Obama wants to nationalize the medical care. He plans to drastically increase spending on social programs, raise minimum wage, make "volunteer service" compulsory for high school students. Moreover, he wants to spend tens of billions of dollars on "alternative energy", heavily tax all businesses that emit CO2, regulate labor relations, heavily tax all companies that export capital to foreign countries and make much tougher environmental laws. It's his duty to explain how exactly he proposes these thing to work, and why exactly he believes these new (actually modern day European) policies will create jobs, revitalize the US economy and increase the wealth production. For example - it's common knowledge that minimum wages increase unemployment, particularly among uneducated workers. So, why is he promoting a policy which will undeniably hurt his professed goal of creating more jobs?

As for McCain, his job is much simpler. In many cases he supports simple conservative-libertarian position - cut the government role and give money back to the people. Since he won't be the one spending people's money - he cannot explain which mechanisms will be created in a free market economy. Asking him what solutions will become popular is like asking someone promoting democracy to explain who must become the president.

What do community organizers do?

A recent New Republic article described in detail what Obama had been doing, and how he had failed in everything he tried to do as a community organizer. Why? Actually, it's a no brainer.

Here is what "Faithful America”, a liberal community organizing group and a staunch supporter of Barack Obama says about the job of community organizers:
"Many politicians simply don't understand what community organizers do. So here's a short lesson: They work in church basements, synagogues and mosques to empower their communities and make life better for millions of working people across the country."

Thanks a lot, Faithful America, now it’s all clear for me, even though I am no politician. A janitor cleans the toilets and takes away the garbage. A developer builds houses. An engineer designs new technical appliances. A doctor treats diseases. And a community organizer "empowers communities". Sounds like a "community organizer" is a job description for people who need high self-esteem, but who cannot or do not want to do the actual job of a janitor, engineer or a doctor.

In fact, a million community organizers cannot create a single job, build a single house, or open a single store. It's all done by people who have actual jobs - you know - builders, businessmen, store clerks, developers. So what do "community organizers" actually do? Lets repeat the slogan – “They work in church basements, synagogues and mosques to empower their communities and make life better for millions of working people across the country."

So, in summary, we know exactly WHERE they work – but their day-to-day responsibilities are a bit uncertain. Don’t you love the liberal “nuance”, the ability to use many words while saying absolutely nothing about the subject?