Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dems, media on Sarah Palin....

Obama became the genius of the DNC after he read a speech in 2004. I am curious why the dems decided he knew everything there was to know about the world back then, but for some reason they think that Sarah Palin, a woman with decent executive career knows nothing about the world?

When Barack was moving through the corrupt Chicago machine, foreign policy was irrelevant. When he was a community disorganizer, his main issue was how to get more connections and not get caught. When he was a US senator, well, he spent all the time campaigning. So, all in all, Obama has no advantage on the foreign policy over Palin, let alone McCain. And yet, the myth of Palin’s inexperience lives on. How smart is it?

Most feminists believe that Hillary was mistreated by the media and the DNC. If Sarah is faced with a barrage of questions that Obama was not (and Obama is still an unknown quality through out the campaign) - then many of those feminists will very likely stay home on the election day. After all, do you really expect them to vote for the abusive liberals?

A secondary effect may be an utter loss of credibility of the media among the feminists. As you may remember, the feminists are still pissed off at the media for their “sexist” attack on Hillary Clinton, so their eyes are not closed yet on how media promotes its own agenda. I sincerely hope that this election will be the straw that breaks the media’s back, and it won’t be a second too late.

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