Sunday, November 2, 2008

Radical proposal on how to improve the US economy

I have a radical but efficient proposal, which will result in immediate and considerable improvement to the US economy. Hear me out.

As senator Barack said - everyone must sacrifice for the common good. Rich, poor, all of us must do something, so that American economy could rise again.

A simple but effective solution would be to give a direct president's order to kill all endangered species. Later, this could be discussed and debated in courts, and this measure may be declared unconstitutional - but this will be later. If we kill all endangered species, a lot of environmental government regulations which limit the growth of our economy will be come non-operational. Great many of our government subsidized and regulated companies - oil, gas, electrical companies would be forced to concentrate on actually producing oil, gas and energy, and not appeasing the environmental activists and the judges.

I say - lets slaughter all the endangered species - for the common good! America cannot afford them now. If you don't believe me - just ask a poor mother, whose son died from a treatable disease - does she think that his life was worth the well-being of a bald eagle?

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