Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Republican Talking Point#1

What is the best strategy for republicans to win in 2012? Can we persuade millions of people to change their minds?

Firstly, it goes without saying that GOP must cleanse itself of the liberal elite, which is so powerful in the republican leadership. We must present ourselves as a party of small limited government, which, if elected, will dramatically cut the government spending, unapologetically defend the freedom of speech, drastically cut the regulations, abandon the liberal war against energy production, and finally, will fight and win the war against the Islamic terrorists. These are all obvious points, but there are still worth repeating.

What should be the GOP message to the Middle America, which decisively shifted to the Obama's side during the last presidential elections? It is predicted that Obama will screw up the economy and the foreign policy, and some conservative pundits are ready to say the traditional "I told you so" to the people who had voted for Obama. This emotion is understandable - but I believe this message would be misguided and harmful to the country.

We should not spend the time and people's good will on making the country wallowing in guilt for its choice of the president- and instead use the occasion for a much more pointed message. Instead of "I told you so", we must say - "It's not your fault you voted for Obama - it's the media's fault, they misled you".

Republicans must use Obama's presidency and the unavoidable times of extreme economic distress and undeniable foreign policy failures to destroy the media hold over people's minds - and thus make the Obama's presidency look like mainstream media presidency. Lets try to shoot two targets with one bullet.

And all in all, I think it's easier and more useful to convince American people that they have mistakenly chosen the rookie Marxist as their president because of lies and misinformation by the mainstream media - instead of telling the people that they were stupid and uninformed.

If you think you can change people's minds by telling them they were stupid - I suggest you work a few months working as salesmen and check how this strategy works in real life. Right now, GOP must use the media as a scapegoat for the election of inexperienced and possibly fraudulent candidate with the obvious anti-American, anti-Western views....


Alena said...

Good point! The blame is on both the Republicans and the media, both are corrupted.

Funny, the liberal response to conservatives has always been to just call us stupid. For the past eight years we've all heard the insults. I guess that would be their only option since otherwise they would have to admit that the media is failing to convert us, despite their best efforts to push the left message (while insisting they are unbiased). I'm glad we have a better option, exposing the leftist media agenda and the lies!

Suburban Republican said...

I love this and am going to link to it on our site. Your words ring true and are a great reminder--not only about salesmanship, but also about how to treat people. Reagan never blamed the people--just showed them an inviting path to take.

Anonymous said...

We are all to blame; Republican Democrat, and Independent alike. We have allowed the media to lie to us for decades. We have not held them accountable, beacause we are no longer taught in the schools and are too busy watching TV to read books like THE ROAD TO SERFDOM. Hayek predicted this over fifty years ago. So did Orwell and Rand.