Sunday, November 2, 2008

A quick question to liberals...

Lets assume Obama wins and libs get a solid majority in the senate. What economic indicators 4 years from now would convince liberals on this board that Obama was a wrong choice?

Say, 10% unemployment and 15% inflation in 2012 - would this mean that Obama is a failed president?

What if unemployment if 12%? 15%? What if the GDP drops from 2008 till 2012? Stock prices?

Any liberals here, who believe Obama when he says that 95% of Americans will see their taxes cut under their administration?
And if not - how do you explain that he is openly lying?
If yes, would you say that you were lured to vote for him under false pretenses if he does not lower taxes on 95% of the population?

What if taxes are NOT decreased for 95% of Americans, and instead 30% of Americans see their taxes increased - would this convince any liberal that conservatives were right when they claimed that Obama was lying about his tax plans?

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