Sunday, February 15, 2009

My modest proposal on the Fairness Doctrine

From time to time some liberals ask - what's wrong in demanding the media to present both sides of the story? Of course, this approach is used for a very selected media niche, i.e. the talk radio. Mind you, talk radio is the one of the most competitive media enterprises, and it requires far less government licencing and investment than television. And, as we all know, the talk radio is hopelessly right-wing. But, as the liberals say - what's so bad in forcing the radio to present both sides of the story?

Well, here is my modest proposal for the fairness doctrine. How about we use it for government officials, including the president. Everytime the president makes a speech, he, by law, must present both sides of the story, equal time. He promotes the "stimulus package"? By law, he must present the view of the opposing side. And mind you, he must do so diligently. If not - well, he gets fined, and I mean the president must pay his own personal money. At some point, he may lose the right to speak publicly as the US president. I mean, he may still make speeches, but by law he must publicly preempt his speech with announcement that he is not speaking as the US president, since he refuses to present both sides of arguments justly and objectively.
If some liberal screams that this is absurd - well, I rest my case. Liberals bitches, eat this....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's next or I am trying to jinx the Messiah #2

The most obvious question that all progressive right-wingers may ask themselves today is simple - what next to expect from Obama regime. After a nice breakfast, I dedicated a few minutes to thinking on this very issue, and I think I know the answer. Hear me out.

Firstly, the Obama-Pelosi-Reid ACORN Stimulus package has sailed through Congress. Now, the Dear Leader is expected to sign it, and the money will start flowing. Make no mistake though, Obama's hallo pictures a few glaring holes, and his regime is far less popular. Mind you that most American people know extremely little about the actual details of this bill. Heck, even some senators complaint they don't know what they are voting for. How freaking bizzarre is that?! Moreover, the entire bill is an 800 page monstrosity, and it's ludicrous to imagine that anyone actually read it in the entirety. So, the political development is easy to imagine. American people will be slowly finding out what is in the "stimulus pork" package, while the US economy will continue the slide. Right-wing progressives will have the work cut for them. Unless Obama regime drastically switch the topic in the next month, its reputation will suffer, and there will be no coming back.

So, what can we expect from the regime? Obama will most likely try to change the subject. "Look, there is a squarrel over there" is a very likely scenario. How can they do this? There are a few possibilities. The first one is rather drastic, and it's unlikely to come now. Either some kind of extraordinary terrorist threat (or an attack) or a little successful war. One should not completely discard Obama from quickly deciding that Iran's nuclear program is unacceptable and either sending the US bombers to send a message to the mullahs, or tacitly giving an advice to the Israelis to use the last opportunity to stop the islamo-fascists from acquiring the doom's day weapons. I don't think this scenario is likely, but it is most certainly plausible.

The second scenario involves a direct attack on freedom of speech through the Orwellian named "Fairness Doctrine". Right now, Obama is on the defensive, he must explain why the pork-laden, gobernment-spending, liberty-bridging stimulus program was necessary to increase unemployment. It's a difficult position to be, no doubt about it. But an attack on the right-wing radio whose "hate-message", "old politics", "racism" and "politicising the stimulus package" are causing all the troubles in our nation will quickly change the subject. It's easy to imagine the ads and speeches of the Messiah - "In these times of economic peril and terrorists threats, American people need ballanced objective media - the nation can no longer afford the multiple hate-filled voices." As general Patton said- "Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more."

A third scenario includes an immediate and vicious attack on the freedom of association. The regime will get rid of secret ballots for unionization, and open the door to union violence against indepedent workers.

I will be strongly surprised if Obama allows the public a few months of quiet to examine his porky stimulus. The poor guy needs to jump from one crisis to another - only that would allow him to escape from the obvious conclusion - that his programs are a power grab, and have won't help the American people. I assume scenarios #2 and #3 are most likely for the next 2-3 months.