Sunday, February 15, 2009

My modest proposal on the Fairness Doctrine

From time to time some liberals ask - what's wrong in demanding the media to present both sides of the story? Of course, this approach is used for a very selected media niche, i.e. the talk radio. Mind you, talk radio is the one of the most competitive media enterprises, and it requires far less government licencing and investment than television. And, as we all know, the talk radio is hopelessly right-wing. But, as the liberals say - what's so bad in forcing the radio to present both sides of the story?

Well, here is my modest proposal for the fairness doctrine. How about we use it for government officials, including the president. Everytime the president makes a speech, he, by law, must present both sides of the story, equal time. He promotes the "stimulus package"? By law, he must present the view of the opposing side. And mind you, he must do so diligently. If not - well, he gets fined, and I mean the president must pay his own personal money. At some point, he may lose the right to speak publicly as the US president. I mean, he may still make speeches, but by law he must publicly preempt his speech with announcement that he is not speaking as the US president, since he refuses to present both sides of arguments justly and objectively.
If some liberal screams that this is absurd - well, I rest my case. Liberals bitches, eat this....

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