Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liberals love science...

Today I watched Robert Kennedy's Jr. speech on helping the environment. Of course, I did not watch the whole speech - I don't have an extreme case of insomnia. Anyway, poor chap was explaining how we have to use the renewable energy, and that this energy is effectively free, since we don't have to pay the Saudis for it. During his speech, this well-known liberal expert on energy, one of the most learned man of the liberal establishment proclaimed that we just to figure out the way to use the energy of electrons that strike our planet. I can only guess that this imbecile was talking about the solar energy, which as any right-wing ignoramuse like me knows is a ray of photons, not electrons.

Liberals indeed love science - but there is an apparent caveout - they never took the time of studying it.


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Anonymous said...

"Я вот тоже Брокгауза и Ефрона читал. Два тома прочел. Читаешь, читаешь - слова легкие: Мечислав, Богоуслав и убей бог не помню какой-кто. Книжку закроешь - все вылетело.
Помню только - Мандриан! Какой Мандриан? - нет там никакого Мандриана. Там с левой стороны - два Бронецких: один - брат Адриан, другой - Мариан, а у меня - Мандриан!".

About 7/8 of the cosmic ray particles are protons. They have very high energies and travel extremely fast. Fortunately for us, human beings, they do NOT reach the surface of the Earth. They are diverted by the Earth's magnetic field toward the North and South poles. Then they enter the Earth's atmosphere creating a shower of electromagnetic radiation (light). This is why you can see Aurora Borealis in the Northen hemisphere and Aurora Australis in the southern one.

Scientists are having a very-very-very hard time to find even a few of this cosmic ray particles next to the surface of the Earth. In order to do that, you need to build a detector that covers a huge area on the ground. The idea to use cosmic ray particles as a new source of energy is so stupid that you need to suffer from a massive brain damage (or, equivalently, be a liberal democrat) to express it in public.