Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama is riding the tiger...

Right now comrade Obama is riding the tiger. A true leftist politician must constantly change the subject, introduce new policies and keep the country always in the state of crisis - real or imaginary. It's a classical behaviour of a person who is diverting your attention - any thief worthy of his salt does same thing. If Obama stops for a few months and let the people assess what he is doing and how much he is harming the economy - his political power will dissipate. I personally believed that his next big thing will either will be an attack on the media, a big war or an big union legislation. Here is a link to my article back in February 14th.

It seems that Obama is doing the combination of three moves - he is now pushing for a debate on the health care (as if this is going to solve the crisis that is gripping the countries with and without the government run medical care), his friends are moving in Fairness Doctrine and they are reviving the idea about union card check.

I believe US will either provoke or enter voluntarily a big war within Obama's first term. It will either be Iran, North Korea, China or (less likely) some country in Africa and Latin America. Won't be surprised to see an escalation in Afghanistan and/or Iraq - since both could allow Obama invoke the name "Bush" when explaining what is happening there.

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