Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another castrated conservative...

As I said before, many conservatives lose their testicles once they move to Washington DC. Rick Moran is another example of such castrated conservatives. In this article, he appeals to conservatives to cooperate, compromise and assist the liberals -because this is why people in Massachusetts elected Scott Brown for the Senate.

The whole article is nonsensical, but there is one thing that compels me to read Rick - no matter what subject becomes a victim to his interest - Rick will most surely provide a comic relief. Every time he makes a serious face and pronounces some serious stuff – you can expect him to say something really stupid.

Here is one example: “After more than 30 years of being involved in politics, I can assure you that if it is possible, it can happen.”

Think about this – it took Moran 30 years to figure out that if something is possible, then it can actually happen. To simpler minds, the terms "possible" and "can happen" are synonymous, but Rick took his precious time to realize this and then declare it to the entire world as a world class discovery. What a brilliant intellect! And if he keeps up the good work, 100 years from now he will learn how to tie his shoelaces….

BTW, back in November, Rick published a scattering review of Sarah Palin's book - solely based on his examination of the comments by the left-wing hacks. Mr.Rick was too busy to read the book itself, so he outsourced his job to the moveon-com types. It did not occur to him that their views may be skewed, and that a true reviewer should actually read the book he reviews.

If anything, Rock Moran is consistent and I highly recommend him....

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