Monday, January 18, 2010

This is exactly why Americans must pay close attention to elections...

A talk-show host for MSNBC, Ed Schultz calls for election fraud in order to defeat the anti-establishment candidate in Massachusetts. Here is the transcript:

"I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I'd try to vote 10 times. I don't know if they'd let me or not, but I'd try to. Yeah, that's right. I'd cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. 'Cause that's exactly what they are."

I personally believe that this man must be investigated - it's very likely he has already broken the election laws in the past.

But what is even more obvious is that the man who is ready (and proud of it) to break the law and disenfranchise the voters to get his favourite politician win, will most likely lie for exact same reason. It's a fair question - can anyone trust his reporting from now on? Is there any doubt that the man has no integrity and, therefore, he cannot be a trustworthy journalist?

Lastly, anyone who doubts that liberals will try to rig the elections, should listen to this liberal openly calling for fraud. It must be our priority to make sure that elections are conducted in accordance with the law, and anyone who does not agree that Ed Schultz should be fired and blacklisted - does not believe in democracy and media honesty.

P.S. Isn't it ironic the a self-proclaimed "Democrat" is openly calling to abolish democracy?

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