Monday, January 18, 2010

American gift to Obama on the first anniversary of his presidency...

Seems like American gift to Obama will be a republican senator, Scott Brown, elected to take Kennedy's seat in the most liberal state in the nation. Way to go, Pres., we love you!

And I am starting to wonder what Obama will get for the second anniversary. And I kind of doubt it will be a sweater - most likely something much more memorable. Maybe republicans will take back the House and the Senate? A man can dream, can he not? It's the Martin Luther King's day, for God's sake!

On a slightly different subject - today O'Reilly was interviewing a liberal hack from Washington (com)Post about the Massachusetts elections. He asked her if Obama's position would be weakened if Marcia Coakley were to lose the elections. The hack replied that she did not think there would be any damage to Obama. Exactly 3 seconds later, without a pause, she asserted that Obama's trip to Massachusetts and his support for Coakley's dismal campaign was a very brave action, and it showed his political courage and willingness to take a risk for the fellow liberal. It obviously did not register in her mind that these two statements were contradictory.

No wonder legacy media is going bankrupt - it is staffed with complete imbeciles...

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