Thursday, January 7, 2010

A false choice between civil liberty and security

Back in the days when people were still in love with Barrack Obama, our president said that the "choice between our safety and our ideals” was false. In other words, there is no trade off between our civil liberties and safety. Well, I am starting to believe that Obama inadvertently said the truth - at least in relation to what he expected to do himself.

The new draconian measures taken by the TSA (detention of the passengers during the last hour of the flight, passengers are not allowed to put anything on their knees, full body scans, etc., etc.) clearly violate our civil liberties - but they are but a fig leaf against Islamic terrorism. Indeed, I haven't see any experts that could explain how any of these measures would increase security during the flight.

In short, I applaud comrade Obama. Finally, he made a promise that he did not break. Indeed during his presidency, there will be no trade-off between our ideals and security. American people will lose their civil liberties with no appreciable gain in security. Well done, Mr.President, well done! The whole country is proud of you....


Brad Williams said...

Hi Alex, it was nice to meet you at the U-Choose event, and thank you for your inspiring speech. I am Brad, I was selling Ayn Rand books. I also have a blog that I just started to record my studies of Objectivism,

Also the OIR site is let me know what you think of it.

I hope to see you at the next U-Choose.


Hyphenated American said...

Hello Brad,

It was very nice to meet you and thanks for nice words. Lets link each other's blogs.

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