Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The worse, the better...

I started writing bits and pieces of this post a few weeks ago, and finally I got around to putting it all together...

When the French royalty returned to France in 1814 after the end of Napoleonic wars, the French foreign minister Talleyrand famously quipped “they have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.” In a very short time, the French people remembered why they had beheaded the previous king. The Bourbons did not rule France for too long after their return from the exile….

In 2009, the American Bourbons, the liberals, came back to power after the decades of political exile. Now, it's fair to say that they controlled the House and the Senate since 2007, and they threw enough roadblocks to Reagan and both Bushes, but the White House was the crown jewel that they really longed for - coupled with complete control of Congress. Finally, the liberals were setting the agenda for the entire nation.

By all means, it was the first time when they truly regained the power since 1981 - if we ignore the short rule of Clinton-the-liberal-activist in 1993-1994. Finally, it was the moment to settle all scores and "fundamentally change America". Just like the Bourbons, the left-wing establishment did not forget anything, and they did not learn anything. They still remembered that one of their ultimate goals in the last 100 years was nationalization of health care, and they went full speed to fulfill this dream. What they did not learn during their time in wilderness was that American people did not want socialism, and that they were quite distrustful of the big government. And this ignorance bit the liberals right in their sweet spot.

What happened in 2009 proved to be a complete disaster for the liberal establishment. The American people, who were lured into false belief in Obama's moderate and center-left political views, were alarmed when the new president indulged himself in a horrendous campaign, whose aim was clearly to turn the clock back to 1979, and maybe even beyond that. In all probability, Obama was interested in replaying the FDR strategy and commandeering the entire US economy from the White House. But he forgot to notice that it was another century, and different country and the old tricks were could not fool the nation anymore.

It is my opinion that the return of flaming liberals to power will be short lived, but it will act as a strong reminder to people to continue being vigilant. The presidential power is too important to be handed to a liberal, particularly a slicky one like Obama. I hope American people will re-learn the bitter lessons of the 70ies, and by 2012 liberalism will finally cease to be a respected political ideology. What we need today is one last push from the left - and they will fall off our country into the abyss.

So, all in all, I believe it would be better for America if Obama and his liberal allies continue their insane policies and completely lose their minds - try to steal elections in Massachusetts, and when that fails, delay the swearing in of senator Brown until they ram through their HealthCare Bill. And then, in November 2010, the DNC suffers the worst defeat ever recorded in world history, and the GOP turns everything around.

Back in November 2008, I predicted that liberals would be in deep trouble if Obama was elected, but even I am surprised at how quickly they f*cked up everything they touched. It’s simply amazing. I think it was Karl Marx who said that "Laughing, mankind bids farewell to its past". President Obama, thanks for all the fun.


Gringo said...

I hope American people will re-learn the bitter lessons of the 70ies, and by 2012 liberalism will finally seize to be a respected political ideology.

Minor spelling point: "cease to be."

Good read.From what we have seen so far,∅bama has refused to learn what the recent election was about. I hope that Republicans have learned some lessons in the last several years.

That so many were so easily taken in by ∅bama in 2008 is not a good sign for our Republic.

Hyphenated American said...


1.Thanks a lot for correcting the spelling error - I fixed it. Don't judge me too harshly though - English is my second language...
2. When I posted on regular sites, my nickname was also Gringo - which is a funny coincedence.
3.Thanks for the kind words about my entry.

P.S. I always read your entries to pajamasmedia with interest. I guess, great minds think alike.