Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick Moran - a silly monument to arrogance

I've read an article by one Rick Moran (what a telling name - someone clearly misspeled it some decades ago), and I must say it made me smile again. The self-described conservatives and intellectual geniuses - with their arrogance only matched by their stupidity. Anyway....

Upon re-reading the article, I found a few interesting pieces....

Firstly, Rick writes: "So we await the inevitable bio where the applicant can either prove herself worthy of joining the ranks of cotton candy conservatives or prove me wrong and be taken seriously. From what I’ve read so far, Sarah Palin has not disappointed me."

After this, Rick goes ahead and quotes what other people wrote about Sarah's book - which, if we consider his careful phrasing, demonstrates that Rick has not read her book. So, in order to be clear, let me ask this question directly:
Rick, you seemed to have read a lot ABOUT Sarah's book - but did you actualy read her book?

The second amazing point that Rick made was that Reagan's views are outmoded and no longer relevant: "Palin and many of her supporters are stuck in this past, unable or unwilling to comprehend the basic reality that the world, America, and time itself have moved on, making whatever Reagan wanted or believed in the 1980s virtually irrelevant to where we are today and, more importantly, where we are headed in the future."

Rick, since in your mind you are an intellectual genius, would you mind explaining which Reagan's economic and political ideas are irrelevant? And if his views (essentially views of Hayek and Friedman) on the role of the government in the economy are irrelevant today due to unspecified changes in our society - would you care to explain what those changes are? Moreover, ss Social Security better today than it was in 1988? Is government welfare any more efficient? Has medicare finally proved to be fiscally sustainable? Do we finally reached the stage when the government can set prices and wages? And if your answer to all these questions is a blind stare (or embarassed silence) - then what is the source of your belief of your intellectual superiority over Sarah Palin?

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