Sunday, November 1, 2009

Republicans lost connection with American Middle Class.

Our republican leaders have lost the connection with the middle class Americans. They don’t understand anymore what issues concern us most – and I am not sure they even care. At this point I don’t care for them either, we need new young leaders who are not afraid to upset the status quo and fight for this country. In order to win, GOP must appeal to the middle class, it must become a popular party, and it must fight back. And sure enough, we should learn from the other side. Firstly, GOP must start following the Alinsky’s rules for radicals. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity."

We can destroy the DNC if we follow this simple rule. And the current debacle with H1N1 vaccines is a golden opportunity to strike back at the liberal establishment.

Obama wants to spread the wealth? Obama wants everyone to have same healthcare? All children should have same coverage? All right, comrade. Then same rules applies to you and your children. No more jumping in front of the line to get the vaccine. My children should be treated no better than the children of a welfare bum? My kids should stand in the same line for 3 hours with the kids of illegal immigrants? Fair enough - then send YOUR Natasha and Malia, and have them stand together with my kids in the same line. If you want social justice - then live it, don't push it on others. If you want the government perks and privileges, then you cannot demand the middle class to share its wealth. Either all of us have to provide their fair share and sacrifice – or none at all. An American president behaving like a middle-eastern nabob, while appealing to social justice?! As Alinsky said: “Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage."

At this point, the GOP must start exploiting the popular anger. Remember, there are literally millions of very upset people, who are standing for hours on the streets, waiting to get the government vaccines. These people pay taxes, play by the rules, and now they are screwed by the teleprompter in chief. He plays golf, goes to cocktail parties, calls for sharing the wealth, tells the masses that everyone is equal – and the middle is stuck with higher taxes and no vaccines. Is this the social justice he promised? Is this the equality he was supposed to deliver? Is this the new and changed America he promoted?

How about an ad with a series of pictures - long lines for the vaccines for the middle class, an interview with an outraged parent – NYT report on Obama's children getting their vaccines without any trouble and inconvenience - Obama talking about how all kids are precious and how all have to be treated the same. This followed by the CNN glamorous report about Obama’s exquisite cocktail parties, another quick interview with an upset parent, Obama talking about spreading the wealth, Obama talking about new America – and another picture of long-long lines for vaccines. Obama: We are the ones we were waiting for” – a mother with a child on her shoulders, who just did not get a vaccine, and she is upset and she is crying. Ask the mother who voted for Obama – did she vote for this?

A few more quick picks: If I vote for Obama, I don’t have to pay my mortgage

When Obama in power: People trying to get free money

Another scene – a mother is upset – “We pay for these vaccines in taxes, but we cannot get them”. Is this the Obama America?” And then we get an interview with a man who just lost his job, a family which is losing its house. And then a piece of Obama telling the people that economy is getting better. And lastly – another CNN report on Obama’s vacation, a few pictures from the People magazine, and Michele’s claims how much she had to sacrifice to come to Copenhagen.

This ad is fairly easy to do - just go to the next place which is distributing the H1N1 vaccine and talk to the people in line. Talk to the people when the doctors tell the crowd to go home because there are no vaccines. It's so simple, really...

In the conclusion of this rant, I want to tell you that the task at hand is fairly simple and straightforward, and I say this from personal experience. I was born and raised in the USSR, and I distinctly remember the fall of the Soviet Empire. What broke the spine of the regime was not the just publication of the communist crimes – these was fairly well known. The Soviet elite was ousted when the plebs started openly questioning the government perks and openly mocking their left-wing propaganda. It was a devastating weapon - when the left claims everyone is equal, and yet demands special treatment for themselves – people get mightily annoyed, and the bureaucrats get really uncomfortable when people start asking questions.

We can destroy the Obama regime – but we must attack them with scorn and mockery, not just intellectual talking points. I am all in favor of quoting Hayek and Friedman, but awaking people’s outrage at the corruption and hypocrisy of the Obamunists is a much more immediate and devastating weapon.

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