Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama is becoming an easy target for mockery.

Comrade Obama is getting ready to make a speech to American school children. This is an unprecedented move - the economy is in ruins, his medical care reform is on the ropes, America still fighting two wars (and the war in Afghanistan is getting really hot) - and at that precious time, president Obama decides to make a sweet speech to the kids. Ahm! This is just so similar to what other marxists (think Castro) would do...

Personally, I believe this is perfect. After a while, American people will puke everytime they hear the voice of the annointed one. Another win for critical thinking - moreover Americans could lose some weight too.

Republicans, don't forget to instruct your kids to laugh and boo and make funny faces during the Obama speech. Also, don't forget to buy funny teeshirts that mock Obama. Maybe get the Obama ears to wear.

I've heard on the radio, that one time Alinsky (Obama's left-wing Godfather) organized a protest at the local opera theatre. How did he do it? He got his supporters eat a lot of beans and then they all went to the same opera performance. Alinsky recalls that the effects were hillarious and the "establishment" was very upset.

So, why not learn from the best? Rebellion is fun, really. Lets see how the liberal establishment reacts to mockery. Don't forget to feed your kids a lot of beans before the Obama speech. We cannot let his speech go to waste.

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David said...

unprecedented? Reagan and both of the Bushes delivered school messages. Did you protest those too?