Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why the mainstream media is dying...

It seems quite plausible that one of the main reason for the slow death of the mainstream media is its obvious left-wing slant. The examples are so numerous and ever-present, that one would be hard forced not to notice them. The reason why I am writing about the slant is not to prove the bias - it's solely to amuse myself and others.

Take for example Katie Couric's treatment of the federal deficits. In 2008, her website posts an alarming article entitled: "Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion To National Debt". Notice that Bush added 4 trillions in 8 years. Couric also bemoans the fact that the debt limit was raised to 11.3 trillion dollars in 2008. Run for the hills, plebs!

In 2009, liberals in Congress raised the federal debt limit to 14.3 trillion dollars. In other words, Obama was able to add 3 trillion dollars to the debt - in less than 2 years.  What was Couric's response to this? She did not even bother to yawn - it was a non-story.

It's no surprise that the public completely mistrusts the media. And it also should surprise no one that a popular cartoon "South Park" proposed to measure  crap in "Courics". According to South Park, "One Katie Couric is approximately 2.6 pounds of excrement."

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