Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama answered every question with a thoughtful, comprehensive response

This was the message that DNC promoted BEFORE the healthcare summit held by our President, Barack Obama. It's quite amazing that these guys can see the future so clearly - I wonder why they don't make money in horse races.

According to the email from a Democratic strategist sent to Politico in advance of the summit, written in the past tense:

“The president walked into a room filled with the entire House Republican Conference. There were no preconditions, his only request was that it be open to the press so that the American people could see the exchange. He answered every question with a thoughtful, comprehensive response. He spoke for over an hour and discussed substantive policy issues.

“The president never once worried about it being a trap. He did not cry about the room set-up. His conduct reflected someone who was confident in his ideas, respectful of the other side, and not afraid to debate important issues."

Actually, I do know why the dems don't make money in horse races (Hilalry Clinton's stock deals don't count) - their predictions are normally incorrect. In real life, the republicans mopped the floor with professor of African-American grievances. Just as I hoped, republicans brought the 2,500 page Obamacare plan. The bewildered President called it "a prop" - which is quite an insult when describing the legislation he is promoting at the expense of political careers for dozens of Democrats in Congress.

I am somewhat disappointed that the republicans did not take time reading the Obamacare bill out loud, page by page - occasionally stopping for a moment and asking his Excellency, Barack Hussein Obama – "Comrade Obama, did you really expect to discuss all the 2,500 pages of this monstrosity in 6 hours? We may need some extra time to finish this."

Republicans could have also asked some deep and penetrating question about the Obamacare. For example: “My Lord, Your trustful servants have a question on the Senate Bill, that Your Excellency says is 96% of what you wanted. We are not sure what section 3, subsection J of the Senate Bill requires of your American subjects. Would YOU take YOUR precious time and explain to us in plain words what this subsection means. Hugs and Kisses, Republican Party”. I suppose Republicans decided to be as respectful and nice as was humanely possible.

I believed that GOP had to raise questions about Obama’s secret deal with the pharmaceutical companies – As was reported by NPR, the pharms agreed to spend 150 MILLION dollars in ads to support Obamacare in return for a preferential treatment in Obamacare. Republicans could also bother Him with inquires about the promised C-SPAN coverage of the entire conressional process or the secret negotiations pertaining to the Louisiana purchase.

And lo and behold, Senator McCain comes back from the grave and pushes His Excellency on these topics and more. Visibly irritated (and emotionaly shaken) President Obama replied that corruption, backroom deals, broken promises don't matter to him in the least right now because the presidential elections are over. ""We're not campaigning any more, John. The election is over," Barack Obama replied. Ah. I am glad that was cleared up.

 I hope the republicans don't forget to include his confession in the 2012 election campaign. In fact, Barack Obama, the candidate, and Barack Obama the President are so different, that they seem not to be even  acquainted.

In short: Obama wanted a show – and GOP gave him a show. He wanted to be the main character – and he was.

BTW, I was blogging during the hours of the debate, and you can see my comments here.

On a more serious note, if anyone wants to know my opinion on how to lower medical costs - I've proposed 5 simple and easy steps nearly a year ago on my blog. I reproduced the arguments below (with minor editing):

  How to slash medical costs in 5 easy steps

1. Allow the sale in the US of all medical drugs and medical equipment, which are legal in EU, Canada, Australia and Japan. FDA approval should be optional.

2. Everyone who has a doctor’s license in those countries should be allowed to practice medicine in US. Moreover, US policy must encourage and aid immigration of doctors from those countries to America. Immediate permanent residency to all practicing doctors from developed countries who want to come to the US.

3. Abolish state limitations on minimum medical insurance coverage.

4. Give private doctors and hospitals same protection from lawsuits as the government entities have.

5. Stop the influx of illegal immigrants.

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