Monday, February 8, 2010

Another castrated conservative strikes out....

It is always painful to watch the castration of a perfectly fine, tough-looking conservative writer. It's even more painful when the castration is voluntary and self-performed.

Today, Ron Radosh published a bizarre article against Glenn Beck. There is no sense or reason in it, and apparently no one put a gun to Ron's cat and demanded that he betrayed his principles in order to save the life of his pet. It was all uncoerced, enthusiastic and silly.

The article itself is quite illogical. On one side, Radosh argues that Martin Luther King was indeed a communist. On the other, he claims that FBI agents slandered him when they said that King was a communist. On one side, Radosh says that it's well known that King was a communist, and there is no need to get alarmed when his supporters come out and tell the public just that - it is common knowledge that King was a communist. On the other side, Ron confesses that King was indeed very secretive (if not outright deceiving) about his communist and Marxist leanings, and he purposely differentiated between his public announcements and private conversations (this reminds me of the PLO and Yasser Arafat).

The twists and turns in Ron's article are nauseating. It's worse than Obama's attempts to explain how on one side he did not know that his pastor of 20 years was a nut - while on the other side that surely he could not miss Wright's heated claims, but had to disregard them because Wright was a father figure to him. What Ron forgot is that he is no Barack Obama, while Barry read his claims from a teleprompter, Ron was forced to perform his intellectual slalom in writing.

And if you read Glenn's opinion that Ron attempts to criticize - it strikes you as quite reasonable. Glenn says that King's communist sympathies were not common knowledge, and that he believes the reason why King's friend came out with the announcement of King's political "infidelity" to the principles of liberty are most likely calculated to mainstream the communist views. What's so wrong about this? Isn't Glenn's view at least plausible?

So, why the fury, Ron Radosh? Are they holding your cat hostage? Don't be so upset, we will all chip in and buy you another cat - even better than the one you had.

P.S. In case someone is wondering, I love cats, and I kept cats in my house for decades. I want everyone to understand that I am not cato-phobic. But in all sincerity I must confess that sarcasm is my first love, and no cat would dare to stand between me and a mean-spirited joke.

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