Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lawyers will be lawyers...

The saga of a scumbag lawyer and Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee John Edwards is continuing. ABC News reported that his wife was trying to silence Johny's former assistant and friend Andrew Young through a frivolous lawsuit. She is claiming that he destroyed her marriage by helping Edwards conceal his affair - and she promises to withdraw her suit if he vows complete silence on the matter of her husband's infidelity and pays up a lot of cash to her personal fund. As I said in the title of this post - lawyers will be lawyers.

Both Edwards' sounded and looked like parasites that were living off their "pro-poor" propaganda and frivolous lawsuits (remember how Johny channeled the thoughts of a fetus?). Now, they are going for the jackpot - violating freedom of speech, individual liberty - everything - just in order to hid some of the crap they have done. This is pathetic.

If only there were a single honest media organization, that could come out in support of Andrew Young and made it their mission to protect freedom of speech and make Edwards finally disappear from the national arena into complete oblivion - but only after returning all the money that he collected from his infamous lawsuits.

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