Thursday, February 4, 2010

Compare and contrast...

In her latest article, Michele Malkin describes the complete disarray of the census project, now run by some underlings in Obama's inner circle. According to her, "the census will triple its total 2000 budget to $15 billion. "

Compare and contrast this with somewhat more visible parts of the federal government - say, NASA. According to the its official website, "NASA announced Thursday an $18.69 billion budget for fiscal year 2010 to advance Earth science, complete the International Space Station, explore the solar system and conduct aeronautics research."

It's even more interesting to remember the famous landing on the Moon. The Apollo project, which lasted for 13 years (from 1959 till 1972) cost $136 billion in 2007 dollars and eventually accomplished six successful missions between July 1969 and December 1972. In other words, census costs more than one year of the most amazing and expensive scientific project in the entire human history.

As one wise latin man said "o tempora, o mores!"

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