Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everytime I am told that welfare is short on funds...

I reply that this is complete bullsh*t, that the federal, state and local administrations swim in free government money. And if you meet someone who would question my assertion - show him this article and quote this statement from the administrators of food stamps:

Juan Diego Castro, 24, is a college graduate and Americorps volunteer whose immigrant parents warned him “not to be a burden on this country.” He has a monthly stipend of about $2,500 and initially thought food stamps should go to needier people, like the tenants he organizes. “My concern was if I’m taking food stamps and I have a job, is it morally correct?” he said.

But federal law eases eligibility for Americorps members, and a food bank worker urged him and fellow volunteers to apply, arguing that there was enough aid to go around and that use would demonstrate continuing need. “That meeting definitely turned us around,” Mr. Castro said.

If the welfare administration has enough funds to give aid to the middle class young educated fellows, and if it is trying to inflate the number of poor people in order to keep the government money coming - it means the taxpayers are over-taxed. There can be no argument about this. Please, ask the feds to refund the money - you've been grossly overcharged. Moreover, it seems that the government officials engage in fraud, which should be prosecuted by the law enforcement.

Lastly, what the hell is this Castro-brother doing with his education? He is paid nearly 30k a year by the federal government to do exactly what? It sounds as if his job is to "organize" the bums and use them to get more handouts from the government. Why do we pay him to do this? How exactly does it help the taxpayers? Did you ask for this service? I sure did not.

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