Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's new, pussycat? #3

Obama's justice department shut down investigation of ACORN
A well-known left-wing group ACORN was openly engaged in election fraud among other things. Lucy Corelli and Joseph Borges, Republican Registrars of Voters in Stamford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, respectively, filed numerous complaints against ACORN. According to WND, "Corelli reported that on Aug. 1, 2008, her office accessed 1,200 ACORN voter registration cards from the secretary of state's office – of which, 300 cards were rejected due to "duplicates, underage, illegible and invalid addresses." She said the invalid cards "put a tremendous strain on our office staff and caused endless work hours at taxpayers' expense." Judicial Watch reports Corelli claimed the additional work caused by ACORN corruption cost $20,000."

It's worth repeating that Obama was and is very closely connected with ACORN - among many other things, he personally trained its personnal (same one that was later caught forging documents), his election campaign paid nearly a million dollars to ACORN for its "services" during 2008 presidential campaign. According to an article from 2007: "Prior to law school, Barack Obama worked as an organizer for their [ACORN] affiliates in New York and Chicago. He always has been an ACORN person -- meeting and working with them to advance their causes. Through his membership on the board of the Woods Fund for Chicago and his friendship with Teresa Heinz Kerry, Obama has helped ensure that they remain funded well. Since he graduated from law school, Obama's work with ACORN and the Midwest Academy has ranged from training and fundraising, to legal representation and promoting their work."

And surely, when Obama became president, all criminal investigations against his alma mater were closed. According to WND, "The FBI and Department of Justice opened an investigation. But Judicial Watch noted that the Obama Justice Department, while acknowledging that ACORN had engaged in "questionable hiring and training practices," closed the investigation in March 2009, claiming ACORN had broken no laws."

Does it sound like ACORN is a good "NGO citizen"? Is anyone surprised that Obama is covering for them?

A liberal begs Obama to re-invent himself
Dee Dee Myers, a liberal activist, and former Clinton press-secretary looks at the slide of Obama's popularity and tells the president that there exists a simple solution to his problems - follow Clinton and try to be more of a teddy bear, and less of a cold calculating politician. Or, at least, try to appear this way to the unwashed masses. And don't make any mistake - Dee Dee is still in awe of the Annointed One. According to her, Obama is "a great listener", he possesses "Ivy League elegance" and demonstrates "effortless mastery of complex issues".

Dee Dee believes that Obama should be more of a whiner about the complexities of life (instead of just being an awesome winner of everything - just watch the economy) - even though every time he opens his mouth, he complaints how the cold unfair world forced His Majesty to deal with the most unfortunate country in the most horrible financial state.

Among may other things that Dee Dee said, this passage made me chuckle: "The campaign introduced the country to a man whose life story was both unusual — a Kenyan father and a Kansan mother, a childhood spent in Hawaii and Indonesia — and broadly shared: a single mom who worked hard and sacrificed for her children and a family that faced difficult times but never lost its faith in the future."

This passage contains a couple of very funny points. First of all, while Obama's life in Indonesia and his studies in the moslem religious school may be highly unusual for an American president - I find it less than appealing. Secondly, he grew up with his grandparents, while his mother was on a wild mission to get a graduate degree in such well-known Mecca for education as Indonesia (how many Nobel-laureates did Indonesian universities produced in the last 100 years?) - so it's not obvious what exactly she sacrificed for her son. I mean, could she be actually more self-absorbed and negligent towards little Barry?

And lastly, Obama came into political life through his life in a very anti-American surroundings - as his wife Michele said, "it's the first time I am really proud of my country" - a quote which made Hyphenated American, an immigrant from Russia quite furious.

So, in short - Dee Dee - stop the whining and get on with the program. Obama is going down, and there is nothing you can do to stop him. He is just not the right man for the job, you know. He ain't Reagan, he is Obama.

A few words about Congress
Why our Congress is so much willing to give away money to bailout failed individual humans (welfare) and whole groups of humans (corporations)? Mark Twain knows the answer: "All Congresses and Parliaments have a kindly feeling for idiots, and a compassion for them, on account of personal experience and heredity." this also explains why Congress loves handouts, wealth re-distribution and the like.

David Brooks continues to suck Obama's balls
As anyone could expect, castrated conservative David Brooks continues to provide sexual services to our president. According to Dave's latest article in the New York Slimes, Obama is horribly misunderstood by American left and the right. According to conservatives, Obama "is arrogant toward foes, condescending toward allies and runs a partisan political machine." According to liberals, Obama is "inspiring but overly intellectual leader who has trouble making up his mind and fighting for his positions... too quick to compromise and too cerebral to push things through." But according to Dave, Obama is just perfect, "he is still the most realistic and reasonable major player in Washington." And Dave also believes than any sensible observer would agree with him - or, in other words, anyone who disagrees with Obama is simply insane. Some blogs were quick to conclude that Brooks is openly asking Obama for an intern position in the White House. Are they correct? Probably.

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