Monday, March 29, 2010

Global Warming is dangerous...

If you can read this article without giggling - your heart is made of rock. Two environmental activists travelled all the way to Antarctica to document the effects of Global Warming on the fragile climate of the really deep South. Imagine their surprise - instead of battling hot weather caused by humans, the activists had to deal with extremely cold weather (it's Antarctica, dumbasses!) - which in the end killed them both. Ignorance kills - and it definitely kills very quickly and painfully those who think they are smarter than others.

I remember I've heard a similar story some years ago - a group of enviromental activists travelled to Antarctica (or was it the Arctics?) in order to film the devastating effects of Global Warming. Alas, the poor chaps forgot to bring any warm cloth - but they did bring the bathing suits to swim in the ocean. And, as you may imagine, they nearly froze to death and had to be evacuated by a helicopter.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the "Grizzly Dude" who thought he could live among Alaskan grizzlies because he was a good hearted liberal who meant them no harm.

The bears ate him and his girlfriend.

It hurts when you bump your head on reality... Or when it kills you.

graf10a said...

I think these people set a wonderful example for all global warming activists. I wish more of the latter follow this example. On this planet, there are many nice places for them to go: North and South Pole, Siberia, Alaska, just to name a few. If you really beleive in something you must be able to sacrifies everything, including your life. Way to go, comrades!

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't hear, your linked story (which itself was sourced from FoxNation) was all based on a spoof.

The spoof site includes a disclaimer link at the page bottom, which states:

All content on this site, being a mixture of parody, satire, and lame humor, is for entertainment purposes only. If any content is found to be offensive or objectionable in any way, please accept our apologies... but we also suggest that you get a life.

The spoof page also includes a 2006 copyright date.