Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What did Obama promise the Russians?

A few days ago Obama was on the air, telling the astonished world that he had signed a new nuclear treaty with Russia. He was followed by Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates. I watched only a few minutes of their presentation and I noticed that all three were very uneasy - not a single smile on their faces. On FoxNews, someone commented that particular features were included in order to satisfy Duma, the Russian parliament.

I later checked the Russian newspapers and did not find any information on the details of the treaty. American newspapers are also unusually silent. It seems like Obama and the Russians keep the details in secret. Why?

On the Russian side, Medvedev and Putin have complete control over the country. Their party controls the Duma, and any member who votes against the wishes of this couple will have their balls cut off. And I mean it literally, not figuratively - Russia has very explicit laws against dissing the current president and his dangerous prime-minister. Just ask Khodorkovsky.

So, the only people who risk being rejected are Obama and his friends. I've found official website which gives details on the treaty. I always assume the worst about Obama, and I am rarely wrong - and in this case I have a strong feeling that somehow he found another way to screw this country. For some reason I believe the treaty should include a strong prohibition on the missile defense program. Obama's website says the following:
The Treaty does not contain any constraints on testing, development or deployment of current or planned U.S. missile defense programs or current or planned United States long-range conventional strike capabilities.
Given that Obama cancelled American missile defense program (just ask Eastern Europeans about this) - I can only conclude the Obama put into writing that US will not put the missile defense in Eastern Europe, and won't develop a large scale anti-missile program including space-based defense. Essentially, Obama made the deal with weakenned Russia that Reagan rejected when negotiating with a much stronger USSR.

Any takers who disagree with this prediction?


Anonymous said...

It sickens me to think of it, but you're probably right. Obama just sold the best liberty loving, free-marketeers back to their Russian masters. It really does make me sick how he has wiped his feed on Eastern Europe.

Angie Comics said...

Nobody gets something for nothing. What's the catch? Saving money for health care? Buying a favor from Russia in the future?

Janelle said...

Four years and out, along with a bunch of other jackals. What did you expect from a man who was deserted by both fathers, raised in Indonesia and abandoned to his grandparents. Poor thing and private school, to boot. He is a spoiled nasty little Peter Pan.
and he is way over his head in dealing with the likes of Putin.

Adobe Walls said...

The nit wit actually believes that he's become president to save the world from America. He thinks that if HE can create a nuclear free world it will be safer FROM us and therefore a better world

Hyphenated American said...


Obama got personal gratification in return for giving up Us missile defense. Trust me, it's more than nothing to Obama. Actually, you can say it's everything to him.