Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interesting contradictions...

Barack Obama during his interview on FoxNews explains why Obamacare must be signed into law: "The reason that it needs to be done is not its effect on the presidency. It has to do with how it's going to affect ordinary people who right now are desperately in need of help."

According to the interviews with Democratic congresspersons, the internal message from the Obama administration is in direct contradiction to Obama's public announcements:

One caucus member told POLITICO that Obama won him over by “essentially [saying] that the fate of his presidency” hinged on this week’s health reform vote in the House. The member, who requested anonymity, likened Obama’s remarks to an earlier meeting with progressives when the president said a victory was necessary to keep him “strong” for the next three years of his term.

Another caucus member, Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.), said, “We went in there already knowing his presidency would be weakened if this thing went down, but the president clearly reinforced the impression the presidency would be damaged by a loss.”

Added Serrano: “He was subtle, but that was the underlying theme of the meeting — the importance of passing this for the health of the presidency.”

Which of the two contradictory memes is more plausible - that Obama is pushing Obamacare in order to help the prols, or because he believes its defeat would mark the defeat of his administration?

P.S. Same contradiction was noted by WSJ.

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