Monday, March 22, 2010

Lets win one for the Gipper!

The passage of the Obamacare bill was greeted by many patriotic Americans with despair. "American dream is dead" was a refrain on too many conservative blogs. I've looked up synonyms to the word "despair" - and they all nicely describe the feeling of many Americans - "hopelessness", "anguish", "depression", "despondency". If I were to believe what I am reading - I would have to conclude that everything is lost, and there is no hope.

Before I plunge myself into the lengthy diatribe, let me first remind everyone that despair is one of the mortal sins. A truly religious person cannot despair because all is in the hands of God. As a Russian Jew, I want to tell everyone that the world did not end on March 21st, 2010 with the passing of Obamacare. America is still America, and we can and should win. Is this the first time that America finds herself on the brink of disaster?

During the Independence War, American troops were outnumbered, outclassed and outgunned by the British. American patriots were in disarray - and yet, America won. In 1812, the British troops burned the entire Washington DC including the White House (on a second thought - bad example), and the nation still persevered. 3% of American population died during the bloody Civil War - more than 1 million people - and America still got through it and became the world strongest super-power.

The United States of America fought with multiple tyrants all over the world - who were smarter, more devious and powerful than Obama - and yet, America was always victorious. If you feel like something is lost, and the battle cannot be won - do you think you would dare to look in the eyes of Texan heroes in Alamo, or the soldiers of Normandy, Bastogne and Ivo Jima - and tell them that you are their grandchildren, and one lousy affirmative action clown managed to turn you into a pussy?! I won't believe this for a second.

Of course, we can and we will win. This won't be easy, this will require one hell of a hard work - but it can be done - and therefore it will be done. Even if the Obamacare bill were written in blood of Satan - we can still repeal it. We are Americans, for God's sake, we are not French. Surrender is not what Americans are good at, now, is it?

Barack Obama chose the wrong time for his little experiment with socialism. As I have written before, liberal system is on the brink of collapse, federal, state and local spending is quickly leading the nation to bankruptcy, liberal programs are unsustainable. United States simply cannot continue to spend at current levels - and Obamacare is the last straw that will break liberalism.

If I were a hard-core leftie, I would not be worried about conservatives abolishing Obamacare - I would be even more concerned that after 2010 and 2012 elections liberals may not be able to defend Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and welfare in their current form. And I would not be too surprised if some of the "heroes" of Obamacare find themselves locked up in a federal penitentiary after the GOP win.

The economic troubles that Western World is experiencing today are only the first trembles of the ground before a 12 point earthquake. No single Western country today can sustain its welfare socialism - and drastic changes will be made one way or another. It is undeniable that the next stage will be massive inflation and further increase in unemployment - and Barack Obama will be the man held responsible for all the hardships.

I clearly remember Neal Boortz, a very astute conservative, predicting in 2005 that the universal healthcare was unavoidable. And yet, in 2010, with super-majority in the Senate and the House, Barack Obama was only able to push through a massively unpopular 2500 page bill, filled with bribery and corruption - and there still is no "public option". And this is the triumph of liberalism?! The left effectively destroyed the Democratic party for a piece of paper that Republicans can repeal in 20 seconds if they win back the Congress and the White House.

I don't want my readers to misunderstand my letter - indeed the Obamacare is a horrible document which will drastically worsen the economic situation in this country. But this is hardly the end of the war for this nation - conservatives are just warming up. The first test of how strong the Tea Party movement is will be in November 2010. This is the time when it will become clear what American people made off - can they still claim that they are the heirs of the Founding Fathers and that they still deserve to call themselves Americans - or we should start calling ourselves "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys".

Well, what do you say? Which one do you choose?


Hack said...

Wonderful post!

Hyphenated American said...


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The Born Again American said...

I'm not sure how long you have been a citizen of this country, but I'd just like to say "welcome comrade"...

You are correct, America spent yesterday on the perverbial "pitty pot", but now it's time to stand up and "kick ass & take names"...

Anonymous said...

"despair is one of the mortal sins."


This is just the message we need to hear. Chin up! Be optimistic! Liberalism has built their house upon sand--it cannot withstand the elements of reality. Social security, medicare and medicaid are broke! And now they add more!

This is an intellectual battle. They have slogans and emotion. We have facts. We can point to collapsing welfare states here in the USA and around the world.

Where have these schemes and dreams of theirs EVER worked? WHERE? NOWHERE!

Excellent post, sir!

Janie Lynn said...

This will make us stronger and we will win!

Bob Belvedere said...

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Hyphenated American said...


Thanks a lot for nice words. I truly appreciate the support.