Thursday, March 18, 2010

Failure to imagine the obvious

A very interesting article by Richard Fernandez psychoanalyses Obama and tries to explain president's policy to snub US allies and embrace US enemies. If I had to summarize Richard's conclusion in one word - it would be "vanity".

According to Richard, Obama is seeking glory and fame, and there is nothing glamorous in keeping the friends and allies, no reward in having good relationship with those that agree with you. On other side, there appears to be a great satisfaction in winning new friends - be it Iran, Libya or Venezuela. So, the choice for Obama is clear - sacrifice the US allies in order to gain new friends.

While the analysis is quite interesting, I believe Richard's main argument is mistaken. For some reason, he cannot imagine that Obama is in awe of fascistic dictators, that he thinks Israel is a bad country, that Britain is an imperialistic bully, while Castro and Chavez are genuinely good guys, people just like him. Why is this obvious idea so incomprehensible to clearly bright people?

For example, we know that Sean Penn is enamored with Hugo Chavez, and he believes any American who dares to criticize this Venezuela's strongman should be sent to jail. Mind you that Sean Penn is a norm in Hollywood and the liberal circles, not a rare case of insanity.

If I were to dig closer to home - I can discuss Rev.Wright, Obama's pastor of 20 years, the man who influenced Obama's political and moral views is a personal friend of infamous Libyan terrorist Muamar Qaddafi and American anti-semite Louis Farrakhan. Obama was also close friends (in fact, Obama's political career started in their house) with unrepentant terrorists (and unapologetic supporters of communism and Hugo Chavez) Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers.  And then we got Congressional Black Caucus travelling to Cuba to meet its dictator, Fidel Castro, to discuss how they can work together to aid Barack Obama. And then we got another piece of information - Obama's was best friends and supporter of PLO adviser and Israel's hater, Rashid Khalidi.

And the list goes on and on...

In all fairness - why is it so difficult to imagine that Obama actually does like many of American enemies - that he is deep down a real extremist, who shares the views of Hugo Chavez, Hamas and PLO? It's not something impossible, is it?

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jasmine cookie said...

It;s much simpler - Obama was born a Muslim, was brought up like a Muslim and has trained all his life to undermine America.

I'm just amazed people voted for him.