Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama's comments about her feelings towards Amerikkkka

As you may remember Barack's wife opened her mouth and said that it was the first time in her entire life when she was proud of America. Oopsie-dasy. This woman came from a decent middle class, she is a racial minority, she went to the best US universities, she is very wealthy now. And it's not like she had to be a prostitute or to work for the Devil. Nah-ah. In short, it's a real American story, American success - if you ignore the fact that a truly successful American would start his own business, not become a government bureaucrat or marry one. Even then, lets say it's good enough. So, for all intents and purposes America was pretty good for her - and the scores of other people like her. And yet, she was never proud of her country.

Let me put things in some perspective.

I was born and raised in the USSR. Both my grandfathers and my grandmother were in communist concentration camps. From early childhood, the government was pouring propaganda into our heads, telling us that our country is the best, that Russians are the best, that communist system is the best. And if anyone was stupid enough to raise doubts - well, he was struck down with all the mighty fury of a communist dictatorship. All the while, our family lived somewhat middle-class life - we had enough money for food, but we had to share our 3 room apartment with another family, who were absolute strangers. Also, since we had Jewish blood, we were discriminated in university access, jobs and the like. So, as you may imagine, the communist slogans sounded somewhat hollow to us. The first time I got proud of my country was in 1991, when I saw hundreds of people building barricades and ready to fight to the death to defend the just born democracy and liberty against the communist putsch. This was really the first time I got proud of my country.

So, if we are to put things in perspective - what exactly does Obama's wife think about America? And while you are trying to figure out the answer to this question - lets not forget Obama's active membership in the openly anti-American, anti-Western, black supremacist church.
I hope you can see now the issue. And if you don't - well, then it's your loss, and I suggest you grow up.

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