Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ralph Nader against the DNC

Granted, Nader is a complete fraud, but there are enough un-educated and mis-informed people that think he is a prophet. If you remember, Ralph stole (borrowed is a more accurate term) quite a few votes in 2000 from Al Gore, and in 2004 the DNC used all their power to keep Ralph off the ballots in as many states as possible. With O. Hussein Obama most likely being the nominee for the DNC, and given his Savior status among the unwashed masses of democrat activists - there bound to be an unimaginable array of dirty tricks against poor Ralph. The only way for Ralph to have his name listed in the election ballots is to get enough support from Hillary Clinton's operatives. This will be a very exciting struggle. Stay tuned to a massive wave of personal attacks on Ralphie.

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