Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lets talk about the Global Warming, folks...

The existing concensus among the government buerucracy and government funded scientists is that the global temperature is rising and it's human activity which is causing this process. Based on this theory, American government of all levels is enacting scores of regulations and is spending billions of dollars annually. Moreover, the power of individual buerucrat is increasing exponentially. Now, here is a reality check. Lets presume that this theory is incorrect. After all, there are plenty of independent reknown scientists who doubt this theory. Can anyone tell me how can the public be notified about that the theory is wrong, be persuaded so, and the government were to lose its new acquired powers, climate research spending be cut and the regulations be abolished? Today, most climatologists depend on 10 billion dollar government grants for climate research. Scores of jobs in the government depend on this theory being true. It is also the government funded scientists who control the numerous stations which record the temperature and interpret the results. Even today, much of the data and the software used to interpret it is not in the public domain.

Who and how can change this trend, going against the government-institutional complex, bypassing the media, which is mostly uneducated in science but believes strongly in the global warming theory? In short, if the theory is untrue, how can the current point of view be reversed? Is it even possible? And if you cannot unswer these questions - then how exactly can you trust the media propaganda about scientific concensus?

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