Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton should go for a gambit

At this point, it's difficult to imagine Hillary Clinton getting the DNC nomination. What is even more difficult is to see her getting elected if she gets the nomination. So, what's her best strategy? I say, get out of the race and keep feeding the MSM with all the nice pieces of information they got on Obama. I am pretty certain B. Hussein has a good number of skeletons in his closet, heck, it sounds like the guy has a cemetory filled with anti-Israel, anti-White scum - and I rate McCain chances of winning the general elections as pretty high. It may be the best strategy for Hillary. Four years from now, the Iraq war will be considerably down, McCain will be 300 years old, our economy will most likely be in the shambles (don't forget McCain's liberalism), and the moslem upheavel in Europe will not materialize just yet (that would take a decade at least). I suppose this would be her best chance to win the election - not now.

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