Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hyphenated American said it first

One of the listeners of my interview to Jimmy Z claimed a few weeks ago that I could read Obama as an open book. I must say that I was unduly pleased by this comment – but must confess that unfortunately I am not that good. And yet, I would like to make a quick analysis of what Obama has in stock for our nation.

In order to look through Obama’s eyes, I have to make a number of certain claims about his personality. Firstly, he is a psychopath and a narcissist. Secondly, he is obsessed with ruling other people (for their own good, of course), and he cannot imagine himself being wrong. Thirdly, he is ruthless and unprincipled – and has the experience of a Chicago political street brawler. Lastly, he may be badly educated – but he surely understands the human soul, and he is only too happy to use this knowledge for his lowly ends.

What do these assumptions give us? Obama’s health care is in shambles – with a good chance of being repealed or seriously weakened in one year. Republicans are destined to take over the House and maybe even the Senate, and his chances to win the 2012 elections are bleak. If he is thrown out of the White House in 2013, he will have to live the rest of his life as an utter failure scorned by everyone – even Carter circa 1980 would look victorious compared to him.

So, what would a narcissistic psychopath with sadistic tendencies do in these circumstances? History teaches that people like Obama find one sure way to bolster their popularity- start a war. The enemy seems to have chosen itself quite well – Iran, or as Obama likes to call it – The Islamic Republic of Iran (funny that I never heard Obama talking about the Jewish State of Israel). Any attentive reader would notice that all of a sudden we were fed plethora of news about Iranian nuclear program, and how Obama administration is not prepared to deal with the challenge of nuclear Iran. In fact, Iranian nuclear bomb is now shown as inevitable – something than no one can stop now.

And surely, I must note that Obama is unlikely to launch a war against Iran – this would jeopardize his chances for re-election. After all, Obama needs to convince the independents that he is a decent candidate while keeping his loony left-wing base (about 10% of the voters). An attack on Iran will thus be counter-productive to his goals. So, what is the solution to the problem?

The solution is fairly simple. In the last few months Obama spent inordinate amount of effort in showing to Israel that her safety is the least of his concerns. One can easily read between the lines his message - if Israel suddenly disappears into the sand, Obama will rejoice. For all intents and purposes, Israel is alone today. Moreover, Obama’s obvious anti-Israeli bias encourages the most vicious anti-semitic groups in the moslem world – just a few days ago we’ve learned that Syria transferred scores of Scud missiles to Hezballah. The negotiations with PLO can be ruled out – Obama’s insistence on Israel’s unilateral concessions went much further than what PLO had demanded and made PLO’s agreement to talk to Israel quite impossible.

On the other side, Iran is quickly developing its nuclear arsenal. At this point, no self-respecting expert would guarantee that Iranian mullahs won’t transfer a nuclear bomb to an Al Qaeda-type group that would later smuggle it inside Israel and detonate in a large population center. Anyone who doubts that should explain how Israel is supposed to act if it is attacked by a nuclear terrorist group. Who should Israel nuke in return? And moreover, will the world stand by and allow Israel to nuke, say, Iran, if UN publicly announces that it is not convinced that the nuke came from Iran. Or maybe Iranian government will suddenly discover that indeed one of its nukes was hijacked by a Palestinian – and they are apologizing for the inconvenience. Will the world sit idly while Israel sending hundreds of nuclear missiles into Iranian civilian centers and killing tens of millions of people?

So, it is clear that the situation for Israel is dire, and she cannot let Iran acquire nukes. And if history teaches us anything – when Israel is faced with a dangerous situation, she makes one choice – she strikes back as hard as she can. The experience of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising taught the Jews that it’s better to die standing, and I have no doubt that millions of Jews feel the same way (American liberal Jews non-withstanding).

In this light, Obama’s actions make perfect sense – he is attempting to distance himself from Israel as far as possible to achieve two goals:

1. Isolate Israel and push her to attack Iran.

2. To have reasonable deniability when the attack occurs.

After Israel is forced to attack Iran, I have no doubts that the mullahs will retaliate – and they will not limit their attacks to Israel. It is very likely that one way or another, the US will be hit – be it a terrorist attack against the US base, closing of the the Strait of Hormuz (which will choke the world oil supply), an explosion on a US oil tanker – or even a domestic attack in American heartland. And when that happens – Barack Obama will make a long speech on television about the “Day that will live in infamy”, make a few passing comments about the fault of the previous administration and hasty response of Israel – and declare war against Iran. It will all be very heartbreaking – peaceful US led by a reasonable leader Barack Obama was attacked by an evil regime, and America was pulled into a foreign war. Just remember all the conspiracy theories about the Spanish War, WW1, WW2 and Vietnam War – and remind yourself that Obama most likely believes these theories. In the end, the left will bite their tongues, the moderates will applaud and conservatives will join the military and go to war against the mullahs.

And while the war is going on, Obama can nationalize healthcare and banks, put price controls on everything, and set the unions in control of all major companies and raise taxes.

I would really want to see anyone who could find a flaw in this plan – I really would…


Anonymous said...

I think it's a brilliant prediction. God forbid that it come true.

I also think you have analyzed Obama accurately, although we have no way of verifying you observations other than anecdotal information.

Has any president been as angry and sarcastic as this man? Calling out those who oppose him? These are the antics of a narcissistic third-world caudillo.

Jim McMahon said...

Obama is the greatest threat to American freedom since the inception of this country. Another excellent article Alex.

Gorges Smythe said...

Your analogy sounds frighteningly logical.

Adobe Walls said...

Your analysis of Obama's mental state is basically correct. However I don't believe he actually fears Iran gaining nuclear weapons. While I've no doubt he'd like to use a Mideast crises to finish the Bolshevik coup de ta I don't believe Obama would declare war on Iran under any circumstances. His policy of degrading and isolating Israel is meant to signal that the destruction of Israel would be acceptable. Obama believes that the existence of Israel is the single greatest impediment to his goal of making friends with the Islamists who demand our destruction. If Israel ceased to exist Obama and the left believe that there would be no National interest left in the Region. Bear in mind that a sudden oil shortage with a spike in oil prices would suit the Social Democrats long term energy policy goals. It is the energy/economic crises, not war with Iran, that the left hopes to exploit domestically. While it's unclear how far Iran is from having a bomb they are several years from having a weapon with a missile. At the end of WW2 we only had enough nuclear material for 2 or 3 more bombs after Nagasaki, my point being that it will take time for Iran to build up an "arsenal" and I doubt they'll give their first and only Nuke to Al Qaeda or Hezbollah. For the moment the existence of Israel suits Iran's long term goals which is hegemony from the Suez to Kashmir. The wild card in this is the Mahdi nut factor but IMHO the mullahs would want the world to continue if they get to dominate their part of it. For the moment Iran needs the irritant Israel provides. Obama must at this point be doubting that he'll get a second term this shortens the time he has to give the UN the world preeminence we now enjoy. A crises created by Israel attacking Iranian nuclear facilities may be His last chance to create the socialist paradise he and the left so desperately want.

kmbr said...

Where is all this legendary Israeli intelligence we hear of? The Mossad capabilities? If we can piece scenarios like this together no doubt the Israelis have. It would seem they have other cards to play before going to war with Iran.

Either that or Israel is impotent at every earthly level.

Just sayin....