Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't miss "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" - May 20th

In response to Comedy Channel's preemptive surrender to Islamic terrorism, progressive Americans proposed an "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" for May 20th. One of the main argument in support of this public insurrection against Moslem speech. Mark Steyn as always comes up with a sarcastic article that explains everything, while mocking the opponents mercilessly.

Unfortunately, not everyone understands what's at stake here, and one repentant Obama supporter, Ms. Althouse disagrees with the proposed Muhammad day:

"After the choice is made, if people say offensive things, I support their free speech rights whether or not I think they exercised good judgment. But with respect to "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day," we are at the point of thinking about what to do. I am trying to influence that choice."

This prompted Hyphenated American to publicly smack Ms.Althouse on her own page. Here is the essence of what I said:

The only way to show that you indeed support free speech and the right to offend Islam is to draw cartoons on Muhammad. It's obvious that nothing else works at this point. Nothing save for violence against Islam that is. So the choice is simple:

1. Support Mock Islam day;

2. Surrender to Islamic terror

3. Violence

So far, Ms.Althouse was not able to show even one alternative to the "Draw Muhammad Day" which would protect freedom of speech. And there are few things in American that are more important than freedom of speech.
In short, anyone who disagrees with "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" is objectively supporting the right of Moslem Fundamentalists to censor the speech they do not like.

So, what side are you on?


Christopher said...

Number one, I have come to the conclusion Althouse is deranged, period.

I do read the WSJ and Tartanto also took her to task.

I personally do not wish to tear Isalm down but rather to destroy the lie so as not to revisit it ever again.

You say you lived under Soveit lies so I stand with you to expose and deliver a blow to Islamic lies.

Hyphenated American said...


I am not sure Althouse is deranged - she is just trying to be nice and to find a solution which does not hurt anyone. At some point the realization comes that it is not possible - and Althouse still has not got it. Give it time - she is already sorry that she voted for the One.

Taranto initially thought same way as Althouse, but he quickly changed his mind once the feedback from readers arrived - which proved that he is pretty smart.

As for the rest - all people of good will must stand together to defend this nation from totalitarian ideology. Whether Islam is philosophically bad religion in principle or not is impossible to say - but what we can judge is today's state of Islam, which is not good, not good at all.

Christopher said...

Well as Islam goes I must differ as it was wrong or better said a lie from the start.

My reference is Salman Rushdie writing 'Satanic Verses' but for a quick and accurate overview;

p.s.; Althouse trying to be nice? That is exactly where this Nation went wrong. The Constitution was not meant to be nice but rather fair, lawful and honest compared to its predesessors.

Nice or not it is what it is.

Gorges Smythe said...

Right or wrong, I've always believed that what defines a religion, as opposed to a philosophy, is the idea that it is the only true path. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others meet that criteria. What some religions fail to understand is that conversion by the sword isn't conversion at all. Christianity tried it years ago, as have others. Islam's style of "conversion" will ultimately fail as well, the question is; at what price to both them and us?

Jimmy said...

You want offensive? I got your offensive right here. And I LOVE it.