Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obamacare versus Reaganomics

Liberals hate the term "Obamacare"
Copied from hotair:

For a guy from Salon, Jake Tapper has struck me as someone who has been very conscientious as the White House correspondent for ABC News. He usually is trying to be a watchdog, even when his colleagues are content to be lapdogs. That does not make the story coming from his Twitter feed tonight any less odd.
Some liberal tweeps objecting to use of term “Obamacare” by contributor to my blog. No offense was intended by her, but we will change.
How the term "Reaganomics" disappeared from vocabulary
In 1986, Reagan in his speech notes that the newspapers dropped the term "Reaganomics" after American economy recovered...
Of course, there are still some in Congress who are calling for a tax hike. It seems no matter how the economy is doing -- whether it's weak, or whether it's strong, in recession or expansion -- they call for tax hikes. Even now that we've shown that we can cut government spending and eliminate the deficit by the end of the decade, they're still calling for a tax hike. You know, it's a funny thing, I get the feeling they want to raise your taxes. [Laughter]

But we're not going to let them, are we? Because our tax-cutting, limited-government policies are working. Whatever you want to call it, supply-side economics or incentive economics -- by the way, have you noticed they don't call it Reaganomics anymore? Whatever you call it, it's launching the American economy into a new era of growth and opportunity. And we're going to keep up the big ``Mo'' -- the winning momentum -- with tax reform that cuts rates still further. Our basic ingredients for a tax package haven't changed: tax rate reductions, thresholds high enough so hard-working Americans aren't pushed relentlessly into higher brackets, some long-overdue tax relief for America's families, and investment incentives for American business. And one thing tax reform cannot be is a tax hike in disguise.

The liberals stopped using the term "Reaganomics" when Reagan's policies proved highly successful. Right now liberals hate the term "Obamacare" - but for exactly opposite reasons. Which is why we should continue calling this monstrosity "Obamacare". Remember how the people called restrooms "johns"? I assume some asshole was immortalized by the people back in the Middle Ages. Same is happening with our Dear Leader - one of the most idiotic government programs is now named after him.

BTW, the search for the term "Bush taxcuts" in google brings 12,300,000 results. And personally, I don't remember anyone who at the time these taxcuts went through, claimed that this term is offensive to president Bush. "Obamacare" brings 2,720,000 results. Amazingly, both searches show right-wing sites on the first page. Someone can say that republicans like personal responsibility, while liberals hate it...

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Desman said...

Maybe it should be hyphenated: Obama-care. No, its still not right. The problem is--and this is the truth that bugs the libs--that it has nothing to do with CARE. Obama-care is about taxation, paybacks, bribes, vote-getting, more work for lawyers, etc. The bill is over 2000 pages long; it will be turned into hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations. Do not doubt me.