Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hyphenated American interviewed by Jimmy Z Show

Dear Comrades,

Jimmy Z was kind enough to interview Hyphenated American this weekend, and the interview can be heard on Jimmy's website. I've listened it today and I am very satisfied by the final product. Jimmy is an excellent enterviewer, and I was able to express myself much better than the first time. Please visit Jimmy's website and listen to the interview.



H. Nizam said...

Hello friend,
Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect. I have also followed yours.
Let's keep in touch.


Clifton B said...

Alex, the interview was fantastic. Your years in Russia has given you a very clear insight into what is going on in America today. You are absolutely correct that people should have been down at those schools demanding what the hell was going on and not stop until heads rolled.


That was a great interview. It's nice to get the prospective of someone who has lived with the results of Marxism.

Hyphenated American said...


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I am glad someone listened to my interview.

If you got the time, visit Jimmy Z website - his radio program is really good. And don't forget to comment.


BTW, Jimmy and I agreed that my participation in his show would become much more frequent.