Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama is getting close, very close....

I am reading the latest world news and I am getting an uneasy feeling that my dire warnings from more than a year ago were very accurate. Let start by listing some news that could be of interest.

The first item looks like a slow-motion car crash - the European Union is finally hitting the wall, and even the liberal media is forced to notice this. Different sources from NPR-1, NPR-2 to Washington Post and Financial Times are finally acknowledging the obvious - European economic model is not working and the European currency is in deep trouble. The most amazing thing about this crash is that EU economic system is like a dream book of liberalism - Universal Health Care, Multi-culturism, strong unions, high taxes, unlimited unemployment benefits, sky high subsidies to the poor - and yet, somehow, this economic model is on the brink of collapse. Obama administration recently donated a neat 100 billion dollars to the IMF - but even this amount of money is a drop in the bucket.

Some experts proclaim that American simply cannot afford the self-destruction of EU and must donate even more money to the Europeans. According to Robert Samuelson: "America's interest lies in preventing a repetition. We ought to support Europe's rescue package." Conservative readers took poor Booby to task with rather witty comments. For example Harvard Delenda Est wrote:

Quick question: when Lehman collapsed and our markets were in turmoil, in what fashion did the euros come to our aide?
Are not they the self proclaimed "world's biggest and most important market? Aren't they the enlightened ones? Is not Europe the society which our own "elites" ape and envy?
On what level could we simpleton Americans "help" these advanced and sophisticated societies?
And someone with a nickname "Dear Leader" thus responded to the plea to bail out European welfare socialism:
I love all kinds of interventions: TARP, stimulus, takeover, quantitative easing -- you name it. But with Europe there is a very special reason to help.

We protected Europe for decades, to the tune of hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars and Europeans loved us dearly for it, showed their gratitude to us and stood by our side whenever we needed them. We cannot abandon them now.
Yank_Laughing summarized the conservative response thus: "European Anti-Americans can go to Hell."

The most interesting thing is that EU collapse was predicted long time ago. My favourite economist Frederich Hayek steadfastly objected to the idea of one currency (he thought it was better to allow competition of currencies). Vladimir Bukovsky, a famous Russian dissident was always a staunch opponent of European Union, which he called "EUCCP". And who could miss progressive website EU referendum that is a treasure for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in the EU. Last but not least, I must quote an article from the Hyphenated American blog, November 2008, when I predicted the future troubles of our delightful president (Barack Hussein Obama) with EU sclerotic economies:
And yes, don't let me forget - Europe is, not feeling too good. Something to do with sclerotic liberal economy and "youths". It will get worse soon. Don't be surprised -liberal policies are quite advanced in Europe - like the advanced stage of cancer. I believe the Europeans should run for their life...
The destruction of EU seems to be fait accompli, so I don't think I need to spend too much time discussing it. What concerns me far more is that Obama's policy of appeasing dictators is bearing its poisonous fruits, and I have a strong feeling that it's deliberate. For nearly a year and a half, United States were openly pushing away all the allies, while bowing down to the enemies of US (sometimes quite literally as this photographs show). As a result of these actions, US allies are weakened, while US enemies are emboldened. And what do the tyrants do when they believe it's hunting season - they initiate new conflicts.

On one side, Iran and Syria continue arming Hezbollah - including recent transfer of medium range missiles Skud. Syrian dictator proudly pronounces that US lost all influence in the Middle East. Former US allies, Turkey and Brazil sign a nuclear treaty with Iran. A short list of alal that transpires in the world is given in the excellent article by Charles Krauthammer. And on the top of the list - North Korean dictator gives an order to sink a South Korean  navy ship. As a result of this act of war, Asia stands on the brink of a new military conflict, and the US forces are told to be ready to defend South Korea.

The latest uptick in the international tensions must be linked directly to Obama's foreign policy, and my intuition tells me that Obama is deliberately provoking the enemies to strike against US interests. Only in the fog of war can Obama's push towards socialism succeed. Heck, without a new war, liberals in general, and Obama in particular are unelectable. Obama may well be ignorant of foreign policy and world history, but he does understand how thugs and tyrants think,  He must realize that nothing invites aggression more than perceived weakness. There is no way his policy blunders are due to his naivete.

In order to illustrate this point, I am re-posting my entry from March 2009. Read it and tell me if it sounds prophetic...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blessed be the cheesemakers...
A lot of liberals believe that Obama will try to make this world a better place, end the war and poverty. A lot of conservatives think the same way about Obama - except they are more skeptical about his chances, since they believe he is a naive spoilt brat.

I believe both of these groups are wrong. Firstly, Obama's main desire is power. The more power he gets, the more he wants. Everything he does should be analysed from a simple perspective - does his action increase his power? Why does Obama need pork-filled bills, when he had promised the entire nation that he would veto them? It's simple, pork works as a bribe to congressmen, and part of the cost surely goes back in the coffers of the democrat party. So, the pork must continue - it's an essential part of staying in power.

As for the republican misgivings about Obama - these two are misdirected. Obama may be quite ignorant of history and economics, but he is far from being naive. Obama's grew up in the jungles of Chicago, his milk was Chicago corruption, his teachers were Bill Ayers, rev.Wright, Tony Rezko and Blagoyevich. This guy is far from being naive. If anything, he does not take shit from no one - since it is the only way to survive in Chicago. So lets be clear on this one - Obama is not being driven by princess Nancy or prince Hairy, Obama is his own man. The porkulus bills keep coming because Obama needs them.

So, what does this tell us about the future? Well, if anything, Obama reminds me of a Latin American or a Middle Eastern petty dictator. What Obama needs is the continuation of the drama - and not just continuation, it has to get worse, much worse, so he could mobilize the masses. The old doses of Obama-drug are wearing out, so he needs a stronger drug. What did this man plan for us?

If I have to guess - Obama planned a large war. How, why? Well, lets me answer the second one first. FDR was saved from being considered a failed president by the WW2. Clearly, FDR did not cause the WW2, but the days are different today. I have a strong suspicion that Obama's pathetic foreign policy is indeed designed to snicker US enemies into attacking our nation. And what invites the war better than perceived weakness and stupidity? Right now, Obama-Clinton foreign policy is amazingly pathetic - from giving a billion dollars to Hamas to felating the Putin's regime and insulting Great Britain. If anything, Obama from Chicago understands the dangers of this stupidity - which makes me think he does it on purpose.

To summarize this - what can we expect in the next 4 years? I expect US to get involved in a large conflict. Will be it an war with nuclear Pakistan? A confrontation with Iran? Lets not forget the unburied Russian monster and a possibility of a new war in Caucasus or Eastern Europe. North Korea is on the brink of declaring war on the South Korea and Japan. Will something drastic happen in the Americas - be it Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela? Will China get fed up with Obama's pathetic economic policy and the loss of trillion in the US market and invade Taiwan to redirect their own populace? All of that is on the table, and Obama policies make any of these events very likely.

Obama is not naive about foreign policy - the man must have a very good instincts on what makes fascist dictators and thugs tick. And surely he will use this knowledge to push America into a big war, and make himself a historic figure. And while we are at it - where is Osama ben Laden? Could he be working on a nuclear deal with North Korea, Pakistan and Iran? Is a mega-terrorist attack likely in the next 4 years?

All of us who follow politics remember that Obama promised to create a government civilian force - which will rival the military in size and funding. Should we expect a draft, which will cover all or nearly all of the population? I won't be surprised if it will.

American conservatives must be super-attentive to what Obama is doing now, and they must emphasize that his foreign policy makes the new war very likely. If American people understand the conservative argument, it could well be that a new Pearl Harbour attack will result not only in the outpouring of patriotism, but also in mass demonstrations in American streets demanding for Obama's resignation.


Anonymous said...

Maybe reason will prevail in this country and people will realize that socialism doesn't work. When the USSR collapsed I thought it was so obvious that communism was a failure that no one would ever, ever think about it again. Alas, socialism has grown closer and closer to communism and totalitarianism, where now, in this country, they want to start taking DNA samples to prevent crime (?!!!)... So as we see the sinking ship of the EU, or EUCCP, I liked that!, it's no surprise that our liberal nemesis will try to do anything to rescue them. And I won't be surprised after their collapse, when people still dream of socialist Europe, especially libs.

Gorges Smythe said...

When 41% of Americans still think Obamacare is good and 18% are undecided, I think the chances of ENOUGH people coming to their senses in time to save the country are slim to none. I literally pray that I'm wrong!