Friday, April 16, 2010

What's new, pussycat? #9

What's new in the Middle East?
As one would expect, Obama's policy of appeasing state sponsors of terror is bearing bitter fruits. Both Iran and Syria are now busy arming Hezballah, a Lebanese terrorist group. According to British sources, Iranian government recently transferred a large number of new missiles to Lebanon. According to Israel, Syria in turn has supplied Hezballah with Scud missiles - the same kind that Saddam Hussein had used against Saudi Arabia and Israel in the 1991 war. All the while, Iran is rushing to produce nuclear weapons.

Obama's response to this leaves nothing to imagination. On one side, he does absolutely nothing to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weaponry. On the other side, he is pressing and isolating Israel. A recent report stated that when Israel was considering to use its air-force to prevent the delivery of Scuds to Hezballah (such a delivery breaches the cease-fire agreement of the latest Israel-Lebanon war and Israel lcan treat this as an act of war) - Obama's regime pressured Israel to ignore the violation and instead rely on John Kerry's negotiating skills. The exact quote from the US official would be downright hilarious if we were not talking about actual human lives that will be lost because of this stupidity: "The White House had to talk them [Israel] down and promised that Kerry would use strong language with the Syrian president". I can imagine that Syrian dictator is trembling...

What's even more hilarious is the response of the pro-Syrian elements in the US governments. According to one such "expert", Mr.Tabler, "The move is bizarre, and certainly not the sort of move [the former president and Bashar's father] Hafez al Assad would have made". This reaction reminded me of Jimmy Carter astonishment when the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Back in 1979 he too was puzzled by Soviet militarism.

Clearly, the Middle East is rapidly becoming a far more dangerous place - and we should thank Barack Hussein Obama for this. In the last year he enabled the enemies of the West and dissuaded the US allies. There will be hell to pay for this.

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Anonymous said...

Our enemies see Obama as a chicken ripe for plucking. God save us.