Friday, April 9, 2010

American foreign policy

Another day brought us plethora of news about American foreign policy. As I expected - the news were not good.

1. Jewish scholars were denied visa to the US
As one would expect, Obama decided to prove once again how much he cared about Israel - and denied visas to Jewish scholars. None of the scholars had any criminal record, ties with terrorists or made any pro-terrorists statements. Surely this was enough to have them banned from US.

2. Hamas supporting Islamic scholar granted visa to the US
Reversing the decision of Bush's administration, Hillary Clinton personally granted an entry visa to Tariq Ramadan. His previous visa was denied because of his ties to Hamas. Tariq is known for his extreme views of Islam, and he was often critisized in Europe for anti-semitism, support of barbaric Islamic practices and the like. Tariq is also known for sugar-coating extreme Islamic views. Read this article and find out how this poor fellow was forced to run away from reporters, who were not afraid to ask him carefully designed questions.

3. Obama administration is bargaining on behalf of PLO
Obama officials are now bargaining with Israel on behalf of the terrorist outfit PLO. The PLO is very pleased with Obama. Israel - not so much. "A senior PA negotiator, speaking on condition of anonymity, said rather than act as an intermediary, the U.S. has been negotiating with Israel on behalf of the PA, assuming all Palestinian positions and bargaining with Israel from the Palestinian side."

4. Obama increases pressure on Israel
Obama's representatives are sending number of people to spy on Jews who build houses in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. If any changes are noticed, Obama administration makes angry calls to the Israeli government.

5. Bibi Netanyahu abruptly cancels plans to attend a nuclear summit in Washington
After Obama humiliated Israel's prime-minister, Bibi decided there was no reason to meet with Obama's officials. After all - what was the point of listening to hours of anti-semitic propaganda coming from Obama regime? Moreover - who in a sane mind would voluntarily listen to Obama's lecturing?

6. Obama bans all references to Islam in security documents
If Obama were the US president , he would have banned any references to Germans and Japanese in the war documents. After all - it could make them mad, right?

My intuition is telling me that there is a common theme in all of these news from one day, but I fail to link them all together. Could someone help me?

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Adobe Walls said...

The left believes that Israel is the Apartheid South Africa of the Middle East. They also believe that the Israel was created by imperialist powers in order to further the evil ends of the Zionist conspiracy whose purpose is to oppress all non-whites. In short Obama is setting the table for allowing Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran wipe Israel off the map. Many European nations have already done their part in this plot in the vain hope that if Israel dies they may be spared incorporation in the EU Caliphate.