Monday, April 5, 2010

What's new, pussycat? #6

CBS interviewer gets on his knees and begs Obama to teabag him

CBS jouralist Harry Smith decided to go savage against Obama and truly push our affirmative action president to the limit. As comrade Smith said in his interview “People in the mainstream media have been accused of being afraid to speak truth to power. I've got some truth to power for you."

Alas, old habits die hard, and when Obama agreed to an interview with CBS, and Harry Smith  saw our commander in chief, his legs went wobbly and he dropped on the knees in awe. In the presence of Greatness, Harry did what every loyal subject would do – he railed against the enemies who dare to dissent against the Emperor. According to Harry, some ungrateful scumbags called His Majesty “Socialist” – surely our president is ready to chop off the heads of these heretics and put on them on the stick. And when our Liege mentioned the names of rebellious serfs – Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, Harry Smith went into barking mood and begged Obama to just whisper an order – and Harry would personally find those ungrateful sons of pigs and tear them apart with his own teeth. As Barack Obama said in the interview – he likes his dog to have some spirit in it – but it is beyond doubt that he prefers the media to be neutered. President Truman some time ago quipped “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog” – but president Obama need not worry about getting himself a dog – he got the media on the leash – and ready to die for the One. In the meantime, they are busy licking his balls.

Some Jews are waking up to Obama’s hatred of Israel
The most promising story this week was the awakening of Former New York Mayor Ed Koch. In his recent interview he said that Obama was clearly hostile to Israel and that recent treatment of Israel Prime-Minister was outrageous. Koch indirectly apologized for telling American people in general, and American Jews in particular that Obama was a friend of Israel. At the end of the interview, he conceded that Obama was ready to throw Israel under the bus in order to please the Moslem nations.

My first impulse when I heard this story was to mock Ed Koch for his stupidity and ignorance. How come that everyone with IQ above room temperature knew that Obama hated Israel – and Ed did not? Should we believe the impossible and conclude that not only he reads the New York Times – but he also trusts what is written in this left-wing propaganda outlet? I mean, how low can one go? But as a wise man I am inclined to follow Talleyrand famous advice “Mistrust first impulses; they are nearly always good” and proceed with caution.

A bigger issue is not the apparent “What the f*ck is wrong with Ed Koch?” A really good idea would be to tell Ed Koch that though he misjudged Barack Obama – it was not Eddie's fault. Somehow, someone in the mainstream media misinformed him about our future president, and either did not study Obama’s anti-Israeli history or lied about it. Can Ed Koch list the media outlets that convinced him that Obama was the friend of Israel? Moreover, we should remind Ed that Fox News, AM radio and conservative newspapers provided plethora of information on Obama’s anti-Israeli history – and yet he was clearly unaware about it.

The only conclusion that Ed Koch must make – if indeed he is truly heartbroken about being misinformed about Obama’s true intentions towards Israel (and also misinforming other Jews about same) – is to remember once and for all that even though he may disagree with conservative media, he needs to listen to them very carefully from now on and not dismiss their claims out of hand. The second thing he should remember is that mainstream media should not be trusted. If he learns these two lessons, and if he is brave enough to teach other liberal Jews to do same – then maybe indeed it was not his fault that he misjudged president Obama.

Eddie-baby, what do you say to that?


The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Great Post. Very well done.

clean said...

It seems to me that Mr. Ed can now be a most useful idiot, he has denounced "the One' now he can secure the non believers under his tent, and proclaim the anointed ones choices are the least of all evil choices in any upcoming elections
"oh yeah I hate the guy but I hate Bush more"
as a matter of fact i think we are about to see some appointed idiots lets say ..Hillary, (spit) she may well resign, move to California for a couple of weeks appoint herself to governor, threaten secession, secure federal bailout, run against nobama in 2012
"oh well he beat me last time" and be given Guam as her personal kingdom, Bill Clinton will be replaced by Bill Maher