Monday, June 15, 2009

What is happening in Iran? The view of a Russian immigrant.

The events in Iran remind me of the 1991 revolution in the USSR, except there is no Eltsin to raise the million-strong masses and there is no "White House" surrounded by armed supporters of democracy. This is a giant minus for the freedom fighters. A big plus is the reported use of imported thugs from Lebanon, Syria and Venesuela. This clearly means that the islamic regime does not trust the regular armed forces.
What must be done is obvious - the leaders of the movement must appeal to the Iranian Armed forces, beg them to protect the people of Iran from the bloodthirsty foreign thugs-for-hire. It's a risky move, but it may work.

It's extremely unfortunate that America is rendered impotent by the liberal fifth column. The uprising of the Iranian people is what progressive people of the entire world expected for years. Bush's domino of democracy is finally starting to fall - but a year too late. It's as if Bush Sr. lost the 1988 elections or the USSR broke apart in 1993.

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