Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mousavi versus Gorbachev...

It's now often said that Mousavi is no Gorbachev. Well, let me remind the people about comrade Gorbachev. For one, he came from a typical communist carrer ladder, and he was being promoted by a KGB Chief Andropov. Secondly, while Gorbachev indeed brought some reforms to the USSR, those were done due to American pressure. Thirdly, don't forget that Gorbachev was doing his best to prevent Eltsin from being elected, and was trying to get his hard-core communist buddy into power. Fourthly, lets mention that the Soviet troops invaded Vilnus, the capital of Estonia in 1990, and took over the TV station. And all this was not in vain, after the anti-communist revolution in August 1991, which was won under the slogan to defend Gorbachev from the communist putch - Gorbachev lost his power and presidency in December 1991.

What does it all mean? If the dissisdent movement in Iran wins, there is a good chance that Mousavi won't last long. It's not unusual that revolutions start with people's demonstrations against some non-ground breaking issues, and later people become extremely radicalized and break down the whole regime. So, don't be afraid by Mousavi, he is riding the tiger now. Pay attention to the tiger, the Iranian people who finally got tired of the mullah's regime.

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