Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Iranian dissidents and American patriots should do...

Iranian dissidents must immediately call for the Persian army to intervene and protect Iranian students from the arab merceneries, who are killing the people on the streets of Tehran. Notice that the mullahs did not send the army to stop the protests, which is a clear sign that they are not sure that the generals and the soldiers will shoot at their fellow citizens. No tanks on the streets of Tehran is a very promising sign. This weakness must be immediately exploited. Appeal to Persian nationalism!

In America, Dick Cheney should imediately give a speech and push Obama to abandon his pre-election promises of appeasement, and instead confront the Iranian mullahs. The first step for Obama would be to come out 100% for the Iranian dissidents and demand an immediate halt to repressions and violence. Secondly, Obama must urgently convene all Western nations and use his skills, influence and popularity and convince them to declare an immediate embargo on all economic relations with Iran until the mullahs back down. GOP must show itself a powerful pro-freedom force. America will not forget this!

It seems like Bush's Middle East strategy is working and the domino is starting to fall. Progressives and patriots must make sure that Obama does not squander the opportunity to democratize the Middle East. Hooray to Bush!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you mean to say maybe: "This weakness must be exploited?"