Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Does it matter if Mussavi is as bad as Ahmie?

Some nay-sayers believe that America should stay away from the Iranian revolution because, among many other reasons, Mussavi is just as bad as the current imbecile in charge of Iran. Interestingly enough, Obama, the man who said that his America-is-so-wrong-please-forgive-us speech in Cairo resulted in fruitful and sincere debates between the presidential candidates in Iran - is now claiming that both candidates are in fact equally distateful. A more pragmatic view would be to remember that the Soviet president Gorbachev, a man who's reinstatement was demanded during the August revolution in 1991, was and is a devoted communist. And yet, the defeat of the communist putch resulted in drastic democratization of Russia, and Gorbachev lost his power in a matter of months after the putch was defeated. In case of Iran, it matters little if Mussavi is a progressive moslem like Ahmie or Arafat, or he actually wants Iran to become a free Western country. What matters is that succesful revolution against the mullahs will shake the whole system, and empower the people of Iran. Once they break the yoke of mullahs - they will not rest until they become free - this is the logic of the revolution.

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jodetoad said...

We can't know if Mousavi is 'as bad'. As a politician he had to take positions that would allow him to survive in his environment.

He did say he would be less confrontational and aggressive than Achmedinijad.

But if the game changes, and he had authority, he might have totally different policies than he could express before.